Mrs. Sayles celebrates 100th birthday at Sunday reception

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Laura J. (GaGa) Sayles celebrated her 100th birthday Sunday afternoon with a reception held in her honor given by her grandchildren. Over 140 people stopped by the First Christian Church to wish her well. Friends, family members from near and far as well as acquaintances congratulated her on reaching the century mark. Born March 22, 1901, in San Gabriel in Milam County, GaGa came to Brady shortly after graduating from Fairview High School. She and her large family moved to the area in the early 1900s after a doctor told her mother, Mrs. O.T (Sally) Baird, that she, Mrs. Baird, was in poor health and needed to be in a drier climate. Mrs. Baird went on to live to be 102 years old. GaGa married Edwin C. Sayles on July 9, 1921 and together the couple had two children, the late Snooks (Sayles) Black and the late Buster Sayles. After arriving in McCulloch County, she worked numerous jobs throughout the years including long stints at the Sayles Boarding House, the telephone company, Carlson Cleaners and the Plateau Motel. Guests at the reception visited with GaGa and her 89-year-old brother, Arch Baird. Family photo albums for all to see told the story with photos of who the ancestors of this living piece of history are. Her 100th birthday celebration was a party that she claims tired her out. If all of the friends, family members and well-wishers make it to 100, they’ll be lucky to be doing as well as she.

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