Co. Judge appoints members to serve on historical board

The official appointment of members to the McCulloch County Historical Commission has been announced by County Judge Randy Young. The County Historical Commission, which implements the state preservation program in our area, will cooperate directly with the state office of the Texas Historical Commission in Austin. Marcia Aarons of Rochelle will chair the group. Other members are Ann Walker of Lohn, Louise Passmore of Rochelle, Paul Willis of Brady, Jerry Bratton of Voca, and Robert Sephus, Bill Mann and Orlando Rubio, all of Brady. Judge Young pointed out that the overall purpose of the local commission’s work is to identify, preserve and interpret local history for the benefit of county residents as well as the traveling public. “County historical commissions work with local historians, County Commissioners courts and tourist-related organizations to ensure the preservation of our history for future generations of Texas residents,” said Judge Young. “Their work is vital to the growth, development and quality of life here in McCulloch County.” A county that has an active, well-organized County Historical Commission (CHC) can, through its work, make a lasting contribution to future generations. As a official arm of county government, the CHC is in charge of the county’s historic preservation program and should be a source of advice and counsel, when requested, to the county judge and commissioners on related matters. County commissioners who participate and attend county, regional and state meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences can avail themselves of valuable information in many programs dealing with historic preservation, such as oral history, restoration of historic structures, cemetery preservation, monitoring of archeological sites and operation of historical museums, to name a few. Historic resources preserved through the help of CHCs can be developed as tourist attractions, thus offering county officials the opportunity to participate in the economic growth of the county. By fulfilling rigorous requirements of the National Park Service’s Certified Local Government Program, county commissioners can become eligible for matching federal grant funds for preservation projects to benefit the county. Approval by the CHC is required on every application for an Official Texas Historical Marker. Markers not only help to interpret county history for local residents, but also are proven to attract and please the traveling public.

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