Burnet blasts Lady Dogs, 16-0

The Bulldog softball team hosted Burnet last Tuesday and once again, struggled to overcome mistakes and miscues as the visiting team bowled over the Bulldogs, 16-0. Facing a tough Burnet pitcher, the Lady Dogs went to the plate 17 times, but failed to get any hits. The experienced Burnet pitcher chalked up 11 strikeouts and only walked two Brady batters. “Stacy Lohn and Jana Partin were able to hit the ball the two times they were at bat, but they were put out each time,” said coach Micki Templeton. In summarizing the game, the coach again reiterated the fact that fielding mistakes proved to be the major problem in containing their opponents. Three Brady girls took to the mound as Kati Hines, Stefanie Crawford and Brooke Young took on the powerful hitters from Burnet. Hines opened the game and pitched 2 1/2 innings. Crawford relieved her for 1 1/2 innings and Young came in as the closer. “Burnet did a great job of hitting the ball and hitting the ball hard,” said the coach. “We did a very poor job of fielding the ball and getting the outs when we needed them. Until the girls bring down our fielding errors, the outcomes of the games will not change. I was pleased with the three pitchers who took the mound. They all did a great job. Now we just have to get some things working in the outfield to help things along.”

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