Brady OAP takes early stage rest

The Brady High School One Act Play cast and crew competed at Llano High School on Thursday, March 22 to the play, “Rest in Peace.” “Although we did not advance this year, they gave a wonderful performance,” said OAP director Pamela Roper. “I am extremely proud of them. They worked very hard toward this competition and are a very talented group of young people. “We will be giving a public performance very soon and will announce the particulars at a later date.” Will Bratton received recognition for “Best Actor;” Cameron Mays received “Honorable Mention;” and Wyatt Dodds received “Honor Crew” recognition. Cast members and their respective characters are: Horace’Will Bratton Nurse’Cameron Mays Doctor’Stanley Lewis Hazel’Candace Copeland Mother’Jacque Skaggs Milton’Drew Cory Bascomb’B.J. Kysar Members of the crew are Brian Hovorak, Will Lohn, lights; Wyatt Dodds, sound; and Jenny Walthall, stage manager. Understudies are Texana Reed, Chelsea Simpson and Shauna Broz.

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