Rochelle folks were in 1946 Bulldog annual

I was looking at some old school yearbooks, and the 1946 Brady Bulldog annual had a lot of folks in it who had some connections with Rochelle. George Collins was editor of the book. His mother, Ruby, taught first grade in Rochelle for many years. Margaret Carson was the business manager, and her mother, Mrs. Richard Moseley, lived here for many years. Quita Hampton was the photographer. She married David Bratton. They still live on their ranch west of Rochelle and have always been some of my favorite people. Laurie Barfoot was the English teacher in Rochelle before she went to Brady. Virginia Miller, a senior in the book, is my wife’s sister. Jackie Gartman, also a senior, lives on his place near Rochelle. Nelda Jeffreys attended elementary school in Rochelle, and Lavelle Milburn transferred from Rochelle to Brady in 1944. Tommy Helen Burns taught Spanish in Rochelle; Jackie Campbell moved to their farm west of Rochelle; Donny Jackson attended Rochelle elementary school; Oleta Mask attended Rochelle school; Barbara Bell, who married Ken Bull, lives on their ranch west of Rochelle. Alfred Broad’s mother was from Rochelle. Robert Davee’s grand-mother lived in Rochelle. Bert Striegler and his wife, Beverly, who attended Rochelle elementary school, live on their place near Soldier’s Water Hole. Mary Lee Dodson married Ben Morrison, who lives in Rochelle. J.L. Goodjoin attended Rochelle elementary school. Clyde Irvin attended Rochelle elementary school. Billy Lewis attended Rochelle elementary school. Aneta Mask attended Rochelle elementary school. Ila Miller (my wife) has lived in Rochelle for the last 40 years. Bob and Drew Rickman both attended Rochelle elementary school and high school. P.D. Hendrix and Winkie live on their farm in Rochelle. Betty Whitehead lived in Rochelle for many years and the list goes on. We didn’t have shcool shootings and drugs during those school days, but we had a lot of fist fights and beer drinking. If I had children in school today, I would be concerned about school shootings, but I would worry a lot more about reckless and fast car driving.

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