Rochelle used to be east of present location

The town of Rochelle moved from Old Rochelle which was two miles east of the present site in 1902. “New” Rochelle was platted by J.F. Crew in that year. They changed the name of Rochelle to be re-named “Crothers,” after one of the surveyors. That name only lasted a year and was changed back to Rochelle. The town was surveyed and laid out in blocks of 260 feet by 260 feet. The streets were all named. U.S. Highway 190 that comes through town was named Crew Avenue. The Baptist church is on the corner of Grace Avenue and Fifth Street. My house is on First Street and Sellman Avenue. The school is not in Rochelle. It is in what is called the Neal Addition. There are only two buildings in town that were erected facing north, east, south or west. The school faces due east. The rock fence in front of the school runs north and south. The other building, Frank Low’s garage, is north and south. Most people think Rochelle is east of Brady, but we are more north than east. Highway 190 turns almost due east where the old railroad underpass used to be. There are about 65 homes in Rochelle and about 27 mobile homes. I have lived in about half of the houses here. The first house I remember living in was in 1934. It was just west of Lee Lay Hill or Brown’s Hill. It had two rooms and a shed room on the back. No electricity, running water or a bathroom. We hauled water in a barrel. I took a bath in a No. 3 washtub, Saturdays only. While living there, some of our kinfolks came for Christmas and stayed three or four days. I don’t know how we made it, but we had a great time at night. At least four of us were in one bed, and I asked my mother if we sleep longways, crossways, britches on or off. There are a lot of wonderful people living in Rochelle, only one or two old grumpy ones.

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