Showers continue drouth recovery

The rains continue to bless the Heart of Texas area this winter, almost exactly opposite from last year’s devastating drouth. A series of thunderstorms moved across the area Sunday night from the southwest bringing lightning, thunder, small hail, heavy rain and winds, knocking leaves and limbs from trees. County Extension Agent Jerry Kidd said, “Things are looking up for the county. The weeds are looking good as well, but my major fear at this time is a late freeze.” A freeze within the next couple of weeks would be bad, but it would not be a disaster, according to Kidd. But one in the second week of April or so would be terrible. “I am just afraid we’re getting set up for a late freeze that would be devastating to the wheat and fruit crop,” he said. The sub-soil moisture that Kidd had hoped for with “follow up” rains has been just “what the doctor ordered.” “We are going to have an absolutely beautiful spring, providing we don’t have a late freeze,” he added. The Heart of Texas region received two rains within the past several days. Brady registered an official 0.52 of an inch last Thursday and then the thunderstorm hit Sunday evening, which brought another 0.43 of an inch. Kidd said he recorded 1.50 inches just north of Brady in the storm Sunday evening which is the largest amount reported in the county for that time period. Bert Striegler at East Sweden said that he had 0.45 Sunday. “We had a lot of wind and small hail. I think the bulk of Sunday’s storm went just north of us,” he said. Brady’s March rainfall total through Monday is 1.28 inches, almost as much as the average, 1.40 inches. Rainfall totals around the county after Sunday were: Fife 0.30 Pear Valley 0.50 Lohn 0.83 Rochelle 0.90 Melvin 1.00 Brady Lake 0.25 Brady 0.43 Ford Ranch 1.00 East Sweden 0.45 Camp San Saba 0.16 Calf Creek 0.25

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