Helping Hands seeks matching grant for McCulloch projects

The Feinstein Foundation provides $1 million in matching funds to help the needy throughout the country including McCulloch County Helping Hands. For the fourth straight year, Rhode Island philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein is offering $1 million this March to non-profit, anti-hunger agencies throughout the country. He will divide his $1 million among all those agencies using his offer to help them raise funds from March 1 to April 30. Each agency will get that proportion of his $1 million representing their proportion of the total raised and reported. This year McCulloch County Helping Hands will be among the agencies competing for the funds. The amount received will depend upon the response of people in the community to this fund raising effort. Area residents are encouraged to make a gift during March or April to assist Helping Hands in receiving as large a matching grant as possible. Cash or checks can be counted but not pledges or gifts in kind. McCulloch County Helping Hands has been helping the needy of the community for 17 years. They provide a site where nutritious meals are served to 20 people each weekday. Each Friday food is distributed to almost 60 persons with special needs. Helping Hands also provides an emergency food pantry, clothes bank, interpretive services, emergency funds, Toys for Tots, a monthly health clinic, Adult Literacy Program and school supplies program. Virtually all of the center’s funding comes from gifts from the community and from fund-raisers such as the annual Mexican food luncheon and barbecue sales. During the months of March and April those gifts will be leveraged by the Feinstein Gift to provide even more help to folks in McCulloch County. Send your gift today to McCulloch County Helping Hands, Box 1144, Brady, Tex. 76825 or for more information call 596-2646.

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