Gwen’s Golfin’ Gab

The fairways are really growing and mowers are running constantly at the golf course these days. I really believe the course is as pretty as I have ever seen it. The trees are budding out and everything is greening up beautifully. And I do understand that the greens are as good as they have ever been, they are putting wonderfully. There was a Sunday Hully-Gully and there was 32 players. I was told that the weather was great and that the rain held off until they were finished playing. With a score of 58 the first place team was Abel Ledezma, Denise Nichols, Joe Millsap, and Red McFarland. The second place team was Shane McCartney, Mike Gardner, Doug Roberts, and Liz Rudder with a score of 60. Great job you guys-I hope you continue to play well this year. Other players in the Hully-Gully were Johnny Rudder, Ronnie McMillan, David Brown, Lee Williams, Jim Bob Roddie, David Graves, Eddie Mireles, R.L. McFarland, Michael Childs, Brad Childs, Tony Mata, Joy Millsap, Raymond Rubio, Donald Owens, Jack Roberts, Kathy Powell, Abel Muniz, Swede Carlson, Holly Hollingsworth, Herbert Huffman, Marcos Solis, Mae Journeay, Richard Journeay, and Gabe Sanchez. We hope to see all of you back to play in the next Hully-Gully which will be the first Thursday in April. The Golf Association is continuing to add new members weekly. New members last week were Mike Gardner, Holly Hollingsworth, Abel Ledezma, Tony Mata, Doug Roberts, Jim Bob Roddie, Maggie Sawyer, and Larry Sawyer. Welcome to the Association and to the golf course. There was a meeting of the Golf Association Board on Monday evening March 5. They approved a motion made by Cheryl Epley to donate some money for use in putting in a new flower bed up on the number one tee box. Cheryl has solicited the help of JT and Swede Carlson to dig up the bed. When you come out to the course you might see how that project is going. The Association met with Glenn Wallace and requested his help in erecting a memorial plaque to honor the golfers that have passed on. Wallace had some very good ideas on what and how to erect this memorial. This is still in the planning stages but should be a confirmed deal within about a month. You may make your memorials by contacting the Association at 597-2286 or the Golf Shop at 597-6010. JT has designated March 22 as an official work day prior to the Three Person Tournament. Work will begin at 8:00 am’bring your weedeaters, rakes and other yard tools and help out. The main things will be weedeating and picking up trash. As of press time the Three Person Tournament has 26 teams signed up, with only 3 afternoon tee times left for Saturday play. Be sure to bring your sign up sheets and money to the golf shop to enter. We are taking the first paid 44 teams. Your may call the golf shop at 915-597-6010 for information regarding the tournament to be held March 24-25. The high school golfers are still going strong. We will have an invitational high school tournament for high school players on March 27 for the boys and March 29 for the girls. The golf course will be closed to all play except for the school kids on these two days until they have completed their play. Speaking of high school golfers, spring break is this week and we are already seeing lots of students out enjoying the pretty weather and playing golf. The Chamber of Commerce is having the annual Duffers Tournament on April 28 and they are selling chances on a set of Ping I-3 golf clubs (3 thru SW). If you are interested in these clubs you may buy tickets at the golf shop or the Chamber of Commerce. You may purchase tickets at 1 ticket for $5 or 6 tickets for $25. You may call the Chamber of Commerce for information about the Duffers Tournament or to sign your team up to play. That’s about all the news I have for this week. Come out and join in the fun of playing golf. Join us again next time for Gwen’s Gab.

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