Casa Care Director’s Report

During February, the children in the Casa Care afterschool program learned about Abraham Lincoln. After hearing stories about different aspects of Lincoln’s life, the children had the opportunity to enter a project contest. The first grade students are designing a flag which represents Lincoln and events in his life as well as telling the story of why Abraham Lincoln’s hat was important and why he grew a beard. The second graders are building a replica of Lincoln’s log cabin and telling a story about Lincoln’s hat and beard. The third grade students chose an event in Lincoln’s life and decided to write a diary entry as though they were Abraham Lincoln. They also created a poster illustrating the event they chose. These projects will be judged by members of the Future Teachers of America Club at Brady High School. Cash prizes will be given to the first place winners in each category. The awards will be presented Friday, March 9. Members of our community were very generous in remembering the afterschool program this month. Murri Mills made Valentine cookies for the children. CURVES for Women donated cookies, and Lee Broad gave peanut butter and jelly for snacks. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church gave us ranch dressing, a favorite dip for the students, and jelly. Representing the Girl Scouts, Melissa Hail donated Girl Scout cookies. Besides extending thanks to those who made monetary and food contributions, we would also like to thank our wonderful volunteers who do so much to help these children. Volunteers include Jacque Skaggs, Jenny Walthall, Leah Vickers, Allison Johnson, Erica Paniagua, Monica Lira, Alisha Condron, Lee Broad, Kay Springer, Larry Smith, Mary Ann Smith, Edna Mueller, Lola Stephenson and Marjorie Barnhill.

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