Brady chapter members attend Eastern Star School in Ballinger

Nine Brady Eastern Star members attended the “Light of Friendship and Love” Eastern Star School, Feb. 9-10 at the Eastern Star Temple Ballinger Masonic Lodge #643. Nine Chapters of District 5, Section 1 Grand Chapter of Texas were hosts at the school. These nine Host Chapters were Ballinger #266, Brady #167, Bronte #1048, Carlsbad #1092, Concho #826, Paint Rock #391, Robert Lee # 187, San Angelo #10, and Winters #80. School officers were: Mrs. Naomi Wolfe, Worthy Grand Matron; Mr. Buddy Baker, Worthy Grand Patron; Mrs. Geraldine “Gerry” Dusek, Grand Examiner, District 5; Mrs. Benita Bassett, District Deputy Grand Matron; and Mrs. JoAnn Monse, Deputy Grand Matron. A salad supper with the theme of “Share Our Friendship” was hosted by Ballinger Chapter #266 and held Friday evening for the meal and early registration. Clova Bryson and Eloise Ficke, of the Brady Chapter, were registrars for Friday evening. Saturday morning coffee and donuts were hosted by Robert Lee #187, Paint Rock #391, Winters #80, and Ballinger #266. Special school appointments were: school co-chairman and banquet/ticket reservation, June Wilson; school secretaries, Mildred Bigby and Dian Coulter; day registrars, Geneva Cook and Bonnie Gober; invitation chairman, Donna Martin; and coffee/donuts chairman, Ruby Allbright. School of Instruction officers in the morning and afternoon sessions were: Worthy Matron, Edna Ruth Self; Worthy Patron, Dale Monse; Associate Matron, Donna Martin; Associate Patron, Jack Moore; Secretary, Janet Walmer; Treasurer, Mary Lou Lacy; Conductress, Elizabeth Quisenberry; Associate Conductress; Gayna Eldred; Chaplain, Ralph Parker, Marshall, Buddy Eldred; Organist, Carolyn McNelly; Adah, Charlotte Parker; Ruth, Anna Lewis; Esther, Brenda Buckley; Martha, Lois Loyd; Electa, Judy Lankford; Warder, Ora Nell Cavin; and Sentinel, Grady Coulter. The “Courtesy Luncheon”, chaired by Lois Loyd, was hosted by Brady #167, Bronte #1048, Carlsbad #1092, Concho #826 and San Angelo #10. Fraternal Visit officers (different from the School of Instruction officers) that evening were: Worthy Matron, Earline Moore; Worthy Patron, Jack Moore; Associate Patron, George Jackson; Secretary, Mildred Bigby; Treasurer, Mary Lou Lacy; Adah, Patti Jones; Martha, Ouida Jackson; Electa, Sharon Johnson; and Warder, Terry Quisenberry. Reports given during the Humanitarian Program and Fraternal Visit included: all nine chapters were one hundred percent with 650 members; 44 “A” certificates and one “B” certificate were earned by the members attending; 23 chapters were represented; one other grand jurisdiction was represented; 23 grand officers were present; 50 Past Matrons and Past Patrons were present; with a total present of 98 members attending the school. Those attending from Brady Chapter #167 were: Mrs. Sharon Johnson, Worthy Matron; Rev. Sheldon Johnson, Worthy Patron; Mrs.Clova Bryson, Esther; Mrs.Eloise Ficke, Associate Matron; Mr. Charles Miller, Associate Patron; Mr. Jesse Tate, Member; Mrs.Diana Tate, Organist; Mrs. Janet Walmer, Secretary; and Mrs.Ora Nell Cavin, Conductress.

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