Authorities still seeking three in drug roundup

A clerical error in filing the indictments of the individuals sought in last week’s drug roundup has left local law enforcement officers with a list of 31 individuals with felony arrest warrants for delivery of narcotics, three of which have not yet been arrested. The previous count of 32 individuals including three juveniles should actually be 31 individuals including four juveniles. The error occurred due to an apparent lack of communication between the task force and the district attorney’s office when filing for the indictments. According to officials with the district clerk’s office, it appears that one individual was indicted as an adult but was actually a juvenile. His name was counted twice in the overall total because of the way in which officers were totaling the list. The identity of the individual juvenile in question has not been jeopardized. One name published in the original list of arrestees should not have been included in the list of felony arrests. Heberto Duque, Jr. was arrested by the task force last week, but he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for county court and not for felony indictments of delivery of marijuana as previously stated. As of Thursday morning, three individuals of the 31 had not yet been arrested. Following is the most up to date and corrected list of names of individuals arrested for felony delivery of controlled substances. The most recent names added to the list are Charles M. Routt, Neal Otis Solomon and Andrew S. Malmsten. Other names previously released: Chris Appleton, 19; Nathan Bell, 27; Jason Bell, 24; Bryan L. Davenport; Grace Davenport, 37; Nolberto Duque, 18; Watasha Houston, 18; Jimmy Jolly, 43; Damian Maxwell; Nick Miller, 21; Wire Dan Nehre; Paul Price, 27; Sharon Shaw Shelton, 52; Nathan Simmons, 22; Leslie Simmons, 34; Iletha Spencer, 30; Michael B. Valdez, 24; Jose Valencia, 36; Billy G. Walton Jr.; Tarah Will, 19; Brad Williams, 21.

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