Texas Department of Agriculture

Growers are reminded that they must read and follow label directions on a product. If the product has a supplemental label, they must have a copy of that label before using the product. Reading and following label directions is crucial to safe pesticide use. Producers should read the label every time they use a product to ensure they are following all directions and precautions. If a production has a supplemental or exemption label, the producers must have the label in their possession before applying the product. Restrictions on those labels are in addition to and supercede the directions on the product label. We’ve had some problems with producers using a product that is not normally labeled for a crop, but it can be used on genetically engineered crops. Producers must have the current supplemental label for a product before they can use it on something such as Roundup Ready cotton. Dealers should supply the supplemental or exemption labels, but the applicator or grower bears the responsibility for having the correct label before using the product. Applying a product without the current label can result in penalties. The general rule for all pesticide use is to read and follow directions. If the label does not give you permission to do something, you can’t. Simple as that. You may know, for example, that you can use Roundup on Roundup Ready cotton. But without the supplemental label, you can’t be sure of the amount to use and precautions to follow. Pesticide companies make changes and adjustments to the label, which could affect how well the product works or how you use it safely. That’s why the law requires you to possess and follow the current label. Farmers that fail to follow regulations can result in the loss of products available for use. For more information on pesticide registration or label requirements, contact TDA at 1-800-TELL-TDA or (512) 463-7047.

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