Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, I would like to address this letter to the Brady Bulldog fans. I want to publicly thank the town of Brady and the Brady ISD for the opportunity to work with your kids. It has been a wonderful two years. I applaud the people of Brady and have the highest admiration for the community. Nicole and I have established friendships that we will cherish for many years to come. I truly believe that Brady ISD has put together a great group of teachers, coaches, and administration. We feel truly blessed to have had the honor to work around such great people. I know BISD is headed in the right direction, and that is because of Supt. Max Gordon and the school board. I am very thankful for the coaches here in Brady. Their support, hard work, and loyalty has been outstanding. I am very proud that the coaching staff that I hired has been given the opportunity to follow through with the plan that we started two years ago. Brady has a great group of kids coming up, and the wins are on the way. Thanks to Larry Smith and the Standard-Herald for their positive praise of myself, the kids and the athletic program. I also want to thank Lynn Farris and James Petty with KNEL Radio for the great coverage. Thanks to Max Gordon and the BISD school board for the chance to be a head coach and have the opportunity to head up an athletic program. Thanks to the Brady ISD faculty for their hard work and acceptance of myself and staff. I also want to thank a few key people and their families for their undying support and loyalty of Nicole and myself. Those include Andy McBee, Jason Jacoby, Mike Schaffner, Al Pearson, Amy Lott, Vic Cruz, Debbie Vickers, Joe Evridge, Chuck Dalchau, Sherri and Rodney Behrens, Rusty Kwast, K.Y. Owens, James Long, Larry Donop, Roy Smith, Alton Bradshaw, Stan Seymour, Dr. Lonnie Vickers, Dr. J.H. Allen, Michaels Wright, the Sunset Ridge Church of Christ and last but not least all of the young men and women who have played ahtletics and fought hard for the town of Brady. I hope to see you all at the football games next season. WOW-U, JAY and NICOLE JONES

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