Gershwin program highlights meeting

The Damrosch Music Club, member of NFMC, met with 15 members Tuesday night, Feb. 27 in the home of Marjorie Barnhill. Members and three Friends of Music answered the roll with their favorite bands. Several named the Famed Brady Bulldog Band. Verona Garner led the hymn of the month, “This Joy That I have,” and was accompanied by Deryl Bishop on the piano. Cotton Carmichael read the history of National Federation of Music Clubs which started in 1898. The local Damrosch Music Club began in 1934 with Mrs. Fred Rogers as the first president. She, as well as Ruth Jordan, Eva Virginia Ricks, Posey Colins, Mrs. A.W. Moseley, and Alice Ricks helped with the junior clubs. Mildred Breckenridge’s daughters, Janice and Joan were members. Fay Lawler was also a member of those early junior music clubs. Carol Johnson gave a brief biography of the Gershwins and included some information concerning the writing of “Rhapsody in Blue.” Joann Dalgard sang “Summertime” from “Porgy and Bess” and was accompanied by Mrs. Bishop, who later played “Rhapsody in Blue.” Mary Grace Conrad, a senior at BHS, has performed before Damrosch Music Club members since she was in seventh grade. She hopes to minor in music although she has not yet chosen a college. She sang “If You Want Me To” and “Flower in the Rain.” Hostesses Diana Tate and Marjorie Barnhill served refreshments to Mary Bates, Deryl Bishop, Cotton Carmichael, Joann Dalgard, Verona Garner, Carol Johnson, Fay Lawler, Amy Lott, Mae McWilliams, Drusilla Miller, Ouita Moseley, Beverly Striegler, Betty Walton, and Friends of Music, Virginia Gray, Pat Sellers, and Ethelyne Vinson.

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