USDA livestock assistance program sign-up begins

The Farm Service Agency is now accepting applications for the 2000 Livestock Assistance Program (LAP), according to Bobby Schmidt, county executive director of the McCulloch County Farm Service Agency. The Livestock Assistance Program will provide partial reimbursement to eligible producers for grazing losses suffered during the 2000 drouth. As with the previous Livestock Assistance Program funds are limited nationwide, therefore a national factor will be applied to ensure equitable distribution of benefits to all producers. To file an application, interested persons will need: ‘ To please call our office for an appointment, sign up will be by appointment only. ‘Exact number of livestock by type and weight between May 1, 2000 and November 26, 2000. ‘Dates of livestock number changes such as sales or purchases. ‘Other information such as dates offspring were weaned or livestock send to feedlot. ‘ Estimated percent of loss on your grazing. Benefits will be paid on the lesser of the feed value of available grazing or the feed value required for eligible livestock. Each individual application will be computed, and then factored according to the national factor. A $40,000 payment limitation applies to each “person” and this limit will be applied prior to factoring. Small grain grazing or hay intended for harvest will not be included on application. Hay or feed receipts will not be required, you do not need to have purchased feed to earn benefits. More information may be obtained through the McCulloch County FSA office at 200 East 11th Street, Brady or telephone (915) 597-1512.

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