Lady Dawg softball chalks up first win of the season

The Brady Bulldog softball team brought home their first win of the season Tuesday night as they corralled the Sonora Broncos, 18-12 on their own home field. Coaches Chris Wienecke and Micki Templeton took full advantage of what looks to be a growing strength of the Bulldog squad and stole 33 bases on the night. Sonora managed only 12. The fleet-footed base running helped turn 13 hits into 18 points. “The girls played a good game and I was pleased with the outcome,” said Templeton. “They did a great job of hitting the ball and they were very aggressive with their base running. They did a great job of sliding into the bases and getting dirty.” The contest lasted a full seven innings and Brady scored at least one run in all but the last. Their best offensive inning came early in the game when they racked up five runs in the second. Brady sent two pitchers to the mound during the contest. Stefanie Crawford pitched four innings and faced 24 batters. She only allowed six hits and seven runs. Brooke Young pitched three innings and faced 18 batters. She allowed only three hits and five runs as she walked three and struck out two. According to Templeton, Sonora’s scores came in innings when Brady had one or more errors. Three in the first, three in the second, one in the fifth and three in the seventh coincided with all of the Broncos’ runs. Defensively, Crystal Rivera put forth an outstanding effort behind the plate. “We made more errors than I would have liked to, but we can fix our mistakes and get better. The team did a great job and they should be very proud of themselves. They are doing some great things. If they keep working hard, it will pay off.” Katie Hines led the way for the Bulldog offense with two singles, two RBIs and eight stolen bases. Crystal Pitcox had one single, two RBIs and four stolen bases and Jana Partin had two singles, and five stolen bases. Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E Brady 3 5 3 1 3 3 0 18 13 10 Sonora 3 4 0 0 2 0 3 12 ‘ ‘

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