Jennifer injured in four-wheeler mishap

My schedule was interrupted last week when I made an unexpected trip to Round Rock to help my daughter, Jennifer, who was injured in an accident while riding on a four-wheeler. She suffered very painful abrasions on her left foot, bruises and strained muscles. She is on crutches. She was very fortunate not to have any broken bones. The 1936 class lost another member with the death of Grover Beakley Abercrombie who passed away Feb. 12 in Ukiah, Calif. Grover’s parents were Willie and Viola Beakley who lived at Placid where she was born. The family moved to Lohn in 1932. Grover’s two sisters, Gwen Fullagar and Willene Johnson taught school here. Gwen graduated from Lohn in 1933 and taught from 1941-1942. The 1936 class was evenly divided’six boys and six girls. The boys were G.R. Browning, Jr., Tom Bradley, Jr., A.M. Finlay, Jr., Vernon Carroll and Henry Gray. The girls were Faye Gault, Juanita Rascol, Georgia Ryan, Clara Wilkinson, Alice “Jack” Harris, and Grover. Grover’s husband, Tyrell, passed away in 1988. The Abercrombies had four children, a daughter, Terry Gobel, who lives in Abilene; three sons, Tim, of Healdsburg, Calif.; Bruce, of Redwood Valley, Calif.; and William, who lives near Seattle. Sisters Willene Johnson and Gwen Fullagar of Brady are the only surviving members of her immediate Beakley family. Former Lohnite, Jerry Dunn, passed away Feb. 4 in Richmond. Jerry was the son of the late Elton and Bill Dunn. The Dunn family lived in several places’south of Pear Valley on the Bessie Carroll place, the Yantis Ranch and the Aaron Damron place and east of Pear Valley. Jerry and his sister, Jackie Faye, attended Lohn school. Jackie graduated from here in 1953. Jerry graduated from Brady High. He was a musician, and he played lead guitar in a band composed of Jerry Tedder, Curtis Wright, and Charles Marshall. The group was known as Charles Maaarshall and the Charley Horses. This was in the late 50’s when Lohn boasted quite a number of good musicians. Jackie Faye Pate, his sister, lives in Minden, La. We have had several people in the hospital. Lois Streigler had quadruple bypass heart surgery in Abilene last week. She has been released from the hospital and is recuperating at her son’s home in Abilene. She will be back home some time this week. Rozella Carroll underwent hip surgery in Temple last week. She is doing real well. She is in rehab, and she is able to walk a bit on her own. Janette Solsbery Jones was hospitalized for several days last week but is back home now. Lottie Solsbery has been feeling poorly with sinus and bronchial trouble. She was feeling better as of Monday. She has asked me to express her appreciation and thanks from her and the family for the bountiful meal prepared and served to them following E.D.’s funeral and for all of the concern and compassion shown to them these past weeks. Barbara Daniel joined her sister, Lois Dodds on a recent trip to West Texas to visit relatives in the Midland-Odessa area. Lois has family in Denver City. Two of her grandsons play basketball there. The Denver City team played Greenwood and the ladies attended the game. They later visited an uncle and aunt and a widowed aunt in Odessa-Midland area. Danny and Marty Barnett and Daylon are getting settled into life in the states after years of living in South America. They have purchased forty acres of land two miles west of Sinton where they will put their home after some repairs to fencing for Daylon’s horses. Peggy Hemphill took advantage of the Presidents’ holiday to visit her niece, Sharon Cuniff and other family members in Joshua. Peggy’s sister, Samie Cave of San Angelo, and Deena Locklear accompanied her. While the ladies were away, Jerell and Michael Cook enjoyed a grandfather/grandson barbeque lunch in Brady. Larry Lohn was here over the Presidents’ Day Holiday to visit his mother, Buna Lohn, in Brady. He had to make a business trip to Junction and came on to Lohn to relax a little at the farm. He and I were invited out for supper Saturday evening for an early celebration of Doris Bill’s birthday which was Feb. 21. The Bill’s daughters, Kathy Wright and Vickie Norris are two ladies who have the knack for preparing and serving delicious meals. They honored their mom on her 70th birthday with a supper at the Robert Lee Store. The tables were beautifully decorated with fresh flowers (roses) and candles. Food, from the hors d’ oeuvres to the dessert was abundant and delicious. Doris received lovely gifts from family and friends which may have helped ease the affect of turning 70. Enjoying the celebration were Brad and Gayla Bowen. (Gayla contributed some of her culinary expertise to the meal.), Charles Bowen from Lohn, birthday girl, Doris and her better half, Bob, Kathy, Vickie and husband Billy Norris. They are from Burnet. Larry and I had to leave early to run an errand in Brady. The family settled in for an “84” session. The Bills enjoy playing dominoes. We all enjoyed the delicious meal and fellowship. Guests last week at Margaret Bloomer’s was Jack and Linda Bloomer from San Antonio. They drove to Winters to attend a bridal shower for Angela Bryan who will be married on Apr. 14 in Abilene to Brooks Perkins. Family members are busy with wedding preparations as Brooks and Angela are planning a large wedding. Gary and Cheryl Bryan were here over the weekend to see Margaret and attend church. Cheryl is making dresses for the flower girls. They returned home by way of San Angelo so Cheryl could purchase material to finish the dresses. The Lohn Valley Improvement Association acknowledges and thanks the following people for memorials and donations. Donations from the Schraeder-Ward families, McCulloch County Commissioners, Moore Family Christmas, Lohn Church of Christ. Memorials for William Cotton Reeves from Klein and Celeta Reed, Larry and Ann Walker, Martha Hemphill; For T.L. Hodges from W.D. and Joy Frost Pruitt, Billy and Bobbie Turner; For E.D. Solsbery from Jerry and Janine Perry, Klein and Celeta Reed, Larry and Ann Walker, Jack Bob and Peggy Smith, Jerell and Peggy Hemphill, Martha Hemphill, Brad and Shirley Fullagar Ellis; For Ed Whitely from LaVeta Curry; for Merlin Weeks from LaVeta Curry; for William Finlay from Charles Moore; for Jackie Horne from Jerell and Peggy Hemphill, Billy and Bobbie Turner, JaRoy and Bennie Moore, Don and Wynette Russell, E.D. and Lottie Solsbery; Aileen Haywood, Durward and Nina Solsbery, LaVeta Curry, Larry and Ann Walker, Martha Hemphill, Brad and Shirley Fullagar Ellis. Pearle Blair and I attended a fellowship dinner for members of the Bible Baptist Church, hosted by Merle and Bobby Givens at the Regency Antique Mall this Saturday night along with our pastor and wife, Don and Brenda Ziriax. The crowd enjoyed a delicious beef stew, cornbread, salad and desserts. Friends of Elsie Gassiot can now visit her or send a latter or card to her at 507 E. 6th Street in Brady 76825. Elsie is now a resident of the Lewallen House at the above address. I have been volunteering with Elsie through the Senior Companion Program for over two years and will continue to be with her since her move from her home. She is doing well and would enjoy a visit from her former students. Another of our former teachers with whom I have been in touch is Willene Johnson. Willene fell and broke a hip in December. She has been in Fort Worth at her daughters since being released from the hospital. Willene expects and is looking forward to returning home to Brady in the near future. Klein and Celeta Reed drove to Fairfield, east of Waco, recently to purchase an an Airedale Terrier. The Reeds have lost their older dogs to old age. They have two young ones who spend their time with the sheep. The Reeds bought “Lady” to be an outdoor dog at the house. They enjoyed the drive to East Texas but they encountered quite a bit of rain. The scenery was beautiful with lots of green grass. Spring seems to be just around the corner. Trees are budding and irises are blooming. We should have a spectacular season of wildflowers.

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