Schools call off classes in ice storm

March 1-4, 1960 An ice storm Monday night that left highways very dangerous forced all four McCulloch County schools to close Tuesday. The highways were just too hazardous for the school buses to travel. Light sleet and snow began falling Monday afternoon, and the roads began icing up. The ice, forming quickly on automobile windshields, had motorists driving slowly and cautiously. Monday night the temperature dropped to a low of 24 degrees, freezing the ice and sleet into a solid, slippery coating on the highways. Although the ice gave plenty of trouble, it didn’t provide much moisture. Mrs. J.R. Cochran, U.S. weather observer here, recorded only 0.11 inch of melted sleet and snow. Tuesday afternoon most of the ice had thawed, and the schools were planning to reopen Wednesday morning’unless another hard freeze should hit during the night. The long siege of cold weather is coming late in the year for McCulloch County. Often by the first week in March many fruit trees have started blooming in years past. * * * Pupettes bow out of state playoffs Brady High’s Pupettes bowed out of the state girls basketball playoffs Monday night, losing to the West Trojanettes in the Lampasas gym, 57-47. “They were really good,” Pupette coach Laurice Hunter said of the West girls. “They just didn’t miss those two-handed long shots. We had to play them all over the court.” The Pupettes won the right to meet West in the first round of the regional playoffs after downing the Lampasas Badgerettes in Llano last Friday night, 54-52. West officials were present for the Llano game and got together afterward with Brady officials to pick Lampasas as a neutral site for the Brady-West game. Brady was representing District 16-AA. West was champion of District 15-AA and goes to Denton Saturday to continue the state playoffs. A slow second quarter in which they scored only 6 points doomed the Pupettes Monday night. They came back strong in the last half and outscored the Trojanettes, but they were just too far behind. West led at the end of the first period, 16-11, and 34-17 at the half. The Brady guards Percelia Bell, Joyce Haynes and Lynfred Jo Otte “played probably their best game,” coach Hunter said. “But West just had too much experience. They’ve been in the playoffs for the last three years.” Monday’s ice storm made it a miserable night to be playing and to be traveling. The Pupettes did not get home from Lampasas until 1 a.m., driving only 20 to 30 miles per hour. Brady scorers’Tommye Low 29 and Janice Davenport 18. West scorers’Dolores Harris 20, Lillie Kizer 19 and Leona Gerik 18. Under the rules of the district, the Pupettes and the Badgerettes are co-champions of the district, and the game in Llano was played only to decide which team would represent the district in the state playoffs. * * * McShan files for Council The name of R.A. McShan, Brady grocer, was filed Tuesday as a candidate for alderman in Brady’s city election April 5. Two aldermen and a mayor will be elected. Others who have filed previously are John Rudder and Wayne Ferguson for aldermen and R.M. Priesmeyer for mayor. * * * Motel to add 6 new cabins A building permit was issued last week to Camp Brady Motel, 603 West Commerce, to build six additional cabins at an estimated cost of $13,000. Other permits issued by the City of Brady during January and February went to: ‘Scott King to add a front porch at 405 East Eighth at a cost of $50; ‘Waymon Freeman to add one room and a carport at 706 South Cypress at a cost of $200; ‘G.B. Stephens to enclose carport at 603 West Commerce at a cost of $900; and ‘Joe B. Gault to add two rooms at 800 West 15th Street at a cost of $8,500. * * * Lohn juniors to present play Friday night Lohn High School juniors will present their class play, “Margie and the Wolf Man,” Friday night, March 4 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lohn auditorium. A comedy-mystery-drama in three acts, it has a fast-moving plot with plenty of action and surprises. In the cast are: ‘Caroline Hodges as Margie Wilson, a teenage girl with ideas; ‘Joan Fullagar as Joan Wilson, her attractive older sister who is a writer; ‘Brenda Snodgrass as Ursula Wilson, their anxious mother; ‘Sue Hodges as Effie Dixon, their interested, next door neighbor; ‘Taylor Solsbery as Earl Griffith, Joan’s dependable ex-boyfriend; ‘Terry Mitchell as Kenneth Cosgrove, her thrilling present boyfriend; ‘Karen Willey as Madame Leo, a carnival woman; ‘Benny Martin as Henry Clay, the sheriff; ‘Peggy Solsbery as “The Wolf Man,” a mysterious carnival exhibit; and ‘Bobby Short and Dale Bloomer as two moving men, carnival employees. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Here from Wilcox, Ariz. Mrs. Guy Walker of Wilcox, Ariz., arrived last Thursday to spend several days here with her father, George Spiller of Voca, who is a patient in Brady Hospital. Mrs. Walker will also visit with her sister, Mrs. Bill Jordan and husband, also of Voca. * * * At Fort Worth meeting Ray Cates plans to return home Wednesday from Fort Worth where he has been for the past three days attending a J.C. Penny Co. meeting. * * * Rochelle News Notes In a recent news bulletin of Leonards in Fort Worth is an interesting success story about Ira Rodgers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rodgers, formerly of Rochelle, but now citizens of Brady. Ira is spoken of as a “former farm boy turned city dweller.” Leaving home at 19, he went to the city to further his education and make his way in the business world. He had a busy life doing both. He worked with the Controllers Division of Armour and Co. in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois and New York.

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