Remembering Rochelle folks and their jobs

Over the past 104 years, Rochelle has graduated over 2,000 students. Many of them have had careers from doctors to outlaws. Some of the doctors include S.H. Gainer, Kenneth Cottle, as medical doctors; Landan Gault, as veterinarian; Kirby Huffman, Bobby Williamson, Van Waddill, as educational doctors. Some of the lawyers include Sam Knutson, David Moseley, Aubrey Davee, and Tanya Cooper. There are a number of school teachers in my family alone’myself, Donna Kim and Mary. Engineers are Charles Engdahl, Ben Morrison, Paul Kruckemeyer, Lewis Nowlin and Lynn Passmore. The bankers include Johnny Jones, Lewis Jordan, Don Neal, Joey and Mackey Ranne and Mike Thompson. Law enforcement and judges are Claude Knight, J.P. Williamson, Jack Woodford, Shad and Doris Bryson, Love Kimbrough, Joe Whitaker and Elmer Roper. Airline pilot: Steve Neal. Preacher: Cheril Knight. Truckers: George Cole, Owen Roper, Ed Davenport, Ollie Harvison, Lee Harvison, J.E. Harvison and their father. And there have been many nurses, telephone operators, taxi drivers, hotel managers, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, auctioneers, radio announcers, cooks, tailers, barbers, lumbermen and hardest job of all’housewives’who keep the home front going. I know of three who are still in prison, but the most comical of all who went to jail was David Myers. I never did think of David as a criminal, but a kid who loved to outsmart the law. He certainly did that. Luke Vogel told me that he went to pick David up in the South Texas area one time to bring him back to Brady. He stopped in Austin so David could use the restroom at a service station. Luke said he waited and waited and finally went to get him out. He was long gone. He was later captured and brought to the Brady jail. The next day David made a key out of one on a suitcase. He turned himself and all the others out of the jail. Texas Ranger Bob Favor told me that he and the sheriff from San Saba County were taking David back to Huntsville one time, and they had his arms and legs in cuffs and shackles. When they got to the first red light and stopped, David had a key in his mouth and had unlocked the cuffs and shackles. He jumped out of the car and ran off. Once when they had him surrounded at the Myers home place, with sheriff’s cars everywhere, David slipped by them, walked somewhere and took a bicycle and pumped himself and his wife out and were gone again. The last escape he made was from the San Angelo jail, taking other prisoners with him. They all ended up in Oklahoma and the other guys killed him. A sad ending for David. I always liked him, and I remember teaching him in junior high school. He would always say in class, “Mr. Mitchell, I have a lock here, and I bet I can open it without a key.

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