One big accident

I guess I’m just one big accident. Almost every turn I’ve made in life has been just that’an accident. Be honest now’I betcha lots of yall are the same way. But to me’daddy was a cowboy, so I became one as well. Was a fair-to-middlin’ one, too. Until as a freshman basketball player, the varsity team was practicin’ fast breaking after a shot. My senior buddy requested that I be the shooter. I asked, “You want me to miss'”‘His answer was'”No, make ’em if you can.” From the top of the circle’the 3-point line now’I put in 2 out of 3. I had everybody gaspin’. Well, I was a basketballer but by accident and when I didn’t grow and couldn’t jump, it came to leveling off point. Tho I played my last game at 60 and tore a hernia. I became a real estate man, the same way’by accident. If the oil business hadn’t gotten bad back in 1958, I would have stayed with it. Then I went to Austin. Met this crook. He charmed me. Used my credit and left town. Took me five, six, maybe seven years to pay off his debts. I ended up in Lake Jackson. Did well and became an appraiser’again by accident. The same crook got wind of it and came back. And did it again, only worse. Took another 10-15 years. Now a days I’ve become a disciple and somewhat of a failure and a patriarch; when if you add all that up is a grey beard. But I concentrate on having a good time and cheering folks up and getting a little and giving it away. I figure if you do that it’s kinda like knowing when to hold ’em and knowing when to fold ’em and giving you an ace that you can keep. Give it away and it’s yours forever. Keep it and you’ll lose it. And that ain’t no accident. Call for an explanation. It’s dark in my closet. It’s dark in our bedroom. Last Sunday I got to Sunday School and looked down and noticed I had a navy blue sock on one foot and a black sock on the other foot. Later, a fella asked, ‘How did that happen’ I told him that was to distinguish which leg to limp on. Reminded me of the time I wore two different boots to Austin. I was to make a talk, so I added ‘how folks make mistakes.’ I recommend you go see the movie, ‘Family Man.’ You’ll hafta think or you’ll get lost. Course some folks just go for the popcorn. We’re doing so much big, complicated business that we forget to do the small, simple things. UNCLE BILL

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