Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: I would like to offer to the citizens of Brady a valid reason for the dramatic increase in the totals of all our utility bills, including my own. I work at City Hall. Part of my job is to pay all of the City’s bills, which I can happily report are completely current. When the most recent invoices arrived yesterday (2/22/01) from our electricity supplier (to be paid in March), I decided to compile the following analysis. The City’s Open Records policy allows me to release these figures. These charts compare the actual invoice totals for electricity and gas paid by the City of Brady to our utility suppliers month to month and year to year. The numbers speak for themselves. My duties at City Hall do not include utility billing; however, I do work on a daily basis with the staff of that department. They are good people who make every effort to make sure the bills that go out to you each month are correct. When a problem arises, they try to respond promptly. It is not their fault that our utility bills are so high. Look at the facts presented here. Study the figures, and then if you must, blame someone’blame our suppliers, not the utility clerks. JAN WALMER Brady, Tex.

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