Commissioners kickstart newly formed shelter

In a special meeting of the McCulloch County Commissioners Court, a short agenda list gave way to a short meeting. After approving the minutes from previous meetings and a short recap by the Commissioners, the first item on the agenda dealt with communications for city and county officials. After discussing the matters that included dispatch agreements, the location of the emergency radio dispatch and plans for replacement of the radio tower, no action was taken due to further discussions and details needed. In a move that will enable the recently formed Haven Shelter to get things up and running while grant funds are being distributed, the Commissioners approved a $10,000 startup that will be paid back to the County by the grant that the Haven has received from the state. The Court also appointed Phyllis Barber as the director and Terry Nelson as assistant director of the shelter. An agenda item that concerned software updates for the district clerk’s office was tabled and will be addressed again at a later date. An easement on County Road 474 was granted for new telephone lines for Verizon and the Commissioners authorized and purchased a backup generator to be used for emergency power at the city/county communication tower. The generator was purchased from government surplus supplies in San Antonio for $500. The final discussion by the court focused on renovations requests for the annex building. Plans are being devised to accommodate necessary changes in the physical structure, and the Commissioners approved $5,000 in initial renovations that when completed, will allow the county tax assessor/ collector’s office to move into the facility.

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