4-Hers find intensity at big time shows

Each year following the county livestock show, a number of youth choose to take their animals on to a number of “major” livestock shows that are open to all 4-H and FFA exhibitors across the state. According to County Extension Agent Jerry Kidd, “Stock showing for the kids is very hard work and is not a vacation from school like some think. A normal day begins before 6 a.m., with the kids feeding, cleaning stalls, exercising, walking between barns, waiting hours with their animal to be checked in, and washing animals, hopefully before 10 p.m. that night. Most of the time, it takes the entire family working together to finish the work prior to the end of the day. “On show day, everything is repeated, except everything will start earlier in the morning and end later that night,” stated Kidd. “In the show ring, it’s hard to fathom the intensity and level of competition at these shows. Normally the only reward that an exhibitor receives is the opportunity to exhibit their animals during the sift, which many times lasts less than a few minutes, even seconds at times,” said Kidd. “Just making it past the sift or placing an animal in a major show is in comparison to winning in the state playoffs in sports. Having a champion is as rare as winning state.” This year, Jenna and Jay Behrens of Voca, had one of those rare moments. They both placed their Santa Gertrudis market steers first in their classes, and Jenna’s steer was later picked the Champion Santa Gertrudis steer. The steers sold for $9,000 and $2,300 respectively. Also placing an Angus steer ninth in the Fort Worth Livestock Show was Justin Friar, who received $3,000 for his efforts. The exhibitors will also be exhibiting livestock at the Houston and San Angelo livestock shows. Other animals that placed but were not sold include the following: KERRVILLE DISTRICT LIVESTOCK SHOW Heifer Division Casey Kidd – Champion Simmental Heifer Zane Brandenberger – Reserve Champion Simmental heifer Leslie Ranne – Reserve Champion Hereford heifer Lamb Division Adam Jacoby – 11th Finewool Dylan Jacoby – 12th Southdown Holden Jacoby – 20th Finewool Also exhibiting lambs were Errett Edmiston, Zach Jones and Jace Fincher. Angora Goat Division Robert Tetens – Champion Pen of Three and 1st commercial pen of three Meat Goat Division Adam Jacoby – 10th Dylan Jacoby – 16th Zach Jones – 16th and 18th Also exhibiting goats were Holden Jacoby, Robert Leatherwood, Alexander Leatherwood and Tanner Matschek. FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK SHOW Justin Friar – 9th Angus steer Lance Helberg – 7th Angus heifer Also exhibiting steers were Hunter Stuart, Bo Stuart and Lance Helberg. SAN ANTONIO LIVESTOCK SHOW Steers Jenna Behrens – Champion Santa Gertrudis steer Jay Behrens – 1st place Santa Gertrudis steer Leslie Ranne – 3rd place Brangus Zane Brandenberger – 11th ABC steer Josh Behrens – 10th Chinania steer Also showing steers were Danielle Snodgrass, Casey Kidd, Katie Kidd, Bo Stuart, Hunter Stuart, Lance Helberg and Justin Friar. Heifers Michael Cook – 4th, 6th, 7th Simbrah Casey Kidd – 10th Simmental Lance Helberg – 12th Angus Leslie Ranne – 18th Hereford Abby Probst – 20th Angus Gilts and Barrows Chad Holubec – 6th Duroc Keely Probst – 8th Yorkshire Jannica McAnally – 3rd, 8th Spotted Poland China Jacob McAnally – 16th Chester White Open Michael Flores – 3rd Hampshire Katlin Scott – 18th Spotted Poland China Also showing gilts were Wendee Carlson, Abby Probst, Meagan Schaffner, Garrick Doyal, Jacob Allred, Alexis Adams, Jerry Galindo, Justin Garza, Heather Gray, Aaron Hays, Talisha Hendley, Cody Holubec, Canuta Ledezma, Daniel McAnally, Jessica McAnally, Callie Koe Shelby, Jim Bob Shelby, Brad Sherman, Glenn Van Dyke, Brandon Pierce and Riley McFarland. Market Lambs Dylan Jacoby – 16th Southdown Seth Bozeman – 18th Southdown Also showing lambs were Zach Jones, Adam Jacoby, Holden Jacoby, Bailey Bozeman, Seth Bozeman, T. J. Meadows, Chase Pilgrim, Quentin Powell, Riley Schumann, Chris Vandine, Tyler Williams. Meat Goats Alexander Leatherwood – 10th Jameson Leatherwood – 19th Also showing meat goats were Robert Leatherwood, Tanner Matschek, Brandon Airheart, Molly Gage, Daniel McAnaly, Jannica McAnally, Jessica McAnally, Quentin Powell, Callie Koe Shelby, Jim Bob Shelby, James Hunter Wilkinson, Reed Williams, Freddie Rodriquez and James Allred. Angora Goats Robert Tetens – 10th doe Rabbits Austin Reed – 3 Best of Variety, 1 Best Opposite, 8 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Wendee Carlson – 2 Best of Variety, 3-1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4-4th Turkey (hen and tom) Showing were Casey Long and Jake Long. Livestock Judging Leslie Ranne – 6th. (Note – Leslie was 4 points from winning a $6,000 scholarship over 1,000 students involved.) Others judging were Houston Smith, Cody Holubec, Casey Kidd, Jay Behrens, Katie Kidd, Matt Dean and Carter Humphreys.

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