We’ve decided not to move to town for now

We have discussed many times about moving to town (Brady). I have tried to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages. In town we could have our newspaper thrown into the yard. We wouldn’t have to drive 20 miles to buy groceries. The septic tank problems would be over. They would pick up our trash. We would have city police protection. We could buy gasoline for the cars, the hospital and courthouse would be handy. We would be close to Wal-Mart, Richards Park for picnics and just a lot of convenient things. However, in Rochelle, we don’t have city taxes or building restrictions. We get our mail by 8:30 a.m. I would miss the dogs barking at night, the donkeys braying and roosters crowing each morning. I would miss seeing the deer each morning and miss sitting on my front porch and looking into three counties. I would also miss playing 42 four days a week. I read in the paper about utility bills being high. Well, electricity is not free in Rochelle. When I was superintendent of schools in Rochelle, I went to Austin a few times each year. I had a lot of people ask me, “How would you describe Rochelle'” I always said, “It’s just a little bitty squatty, pissant place. It’s not too high toned, just a nice quiet crowd, no drinking allowed and there ain’t nothing dirty going on.” Since we don’t have any city council meetings to go to and we can still vote out here, I guess we will stay for a while and discuss the advantages and disadvantages for another 20 years.

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