I’m not the guy I once was

I’m not the guy I once was. You usta could give me a job or a chore and I’d get it done. But I’ve changed . Now I put it off. And sometimes I don’t even do it at all. And I don’t have the fear I used to have. Heck, I might die and beat ’em all to the punch. If I died right now, I’d be able to look down at my funeral and hear ’em say nice things (They always do at funerals). But if I live long enough, I’ll see (in person) my grandkids develop. Thing ’bout it is’if you’re feeling okay and you’ve got something to give’just give it! You ain’t gonna keep it forever cause forever is a long, long time. That’s the reason I give away peppermints. It’s good, won’t melt in your pocket and has a right nice shelf life. Amen. H I like handshakes. I don’t like high-fives. And I don’t do ’em. I also don’t like low-fives. I believe they indicate “something or other,” and I don’t care to be identified with those that do ’em. Thank you for listening. Another plus for Aggies. H I found (and find quite often) that I’m more and more interested in the obits than I usta be. Last week I read the daily Austin paper and three of my past friends were included in the obits. Sure makes you feel funny. By the way, I’ve been writing for this paper for 10 years now. Every time my column is left out, I feel like I’ve been fired. Lotsa water has gone under this bridge. But it keeps on flowing. Good thing, too, or it’d get stagnant. H Last Sunday morning, after tiring of hearing political talk waiting for my wife to dress so we could go to Sunday school, I flipped to John Wayne and William Holden in “A Civil War Battle.” I was really enjoying myself when my darling goes through the room and cuts the sound down and just kept on walking. I threw a hissy fit. She explained to me that it was too loud and I answered, “For who.” She’s just like her mama. Not all bad’or good. Just that way. H Could a “hate crime” be a little like “temporary insanity'” This agitation just wallers around in your brain for a long time, then it goes to your belly. Then you get a belly full and it rushes up and you act it out. A prejudice or something old. Food poison or overeating or a virus can do the same thing. All of a sudden they nail you and call it a hate crime. Somebody needs to explain it to me. Dontcha know some smart lawyer could’explain it, that is. Course they’re taught to be prejudiced, or maybe they were all the time.

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