I’d have invited these folks to Career Day

Most high schools and colleges today have a career day, and they invite people from the various occupations to come and talk to the students about what it takes or how do do a certain trade or run a business. If it was about 60 years ago, I would have invited the following to come and talk about their work place: ‘Trucking’George Cole. ‘Law Enforcement’Love Kim-brough and Luke Vogel. ‘Boxing’Jack Crew. ‘Cafe’Ruby Pennington and Leo Oates. ‘Soda Fountain’James King at City Drug. ‘Pharmacy and Medicine’John Rudder. ‘Filling Station’Carl Ellison. ‘Feed Store’Delmer Bell. ‘Wool Buying & Storage’the three Roddies, Jack, Frank and Bill. ‘Trapping Wild Animals’Dee Shipman, Lee W. Turnell and Hooker Nowlin. ‘Fence Building’Tom Seward. ‘Ranching’Arthur Neal. ‘Calf Roping’Dan Taylor, Harold Heath and Jym Mitchell. ‘House Building’Gunter Ogden. ‘Boot Making’H.P.C. Evers and the Underwood Brothers. ‘Water Well Drilling’Marvin Virdell or any Virdell, most of them were drillers. ‘Blacksmithing’Doc Newman and Mr. Wiggington. ‘Chili Making’Ellis Kelso and Arthur Wingo. ‘Banking’Jim Bodenhamer. ‘Railroad Track Laying’Hiram Wyatt. ‘Lawyer’Aubrey Davee and Walter Mooring. ‘Mechanic Work’Herman Craw-ford and Pliny Williamson. ‘Used Cars’Jim Mitchell. ‘New Cars’Jack Keyser and Fred Spiller. ‘School Business’M.E. Noblet and Prof. Whitten. ‘Bible Study’Charlie Grimes. ‘Coaching Football’C.D. York and Jerrell Rice. ‘Eye Doctor’Doc J.W. Ragsdale. ‘How-To-Fly-An-Airplane’Bert Harrison. ‘Newspaper’L.B. Smith, The Brady Standard and Herald, and Bob Hadow, Rochelle Record. And for the one my Daddy always thought knew as much about any business as anyone, Curtis Norman. All of these would be the source of a world of knowledge, and I can say I have talked with all of them. And 90 percent of them voted Democrat.

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