Council to consider a bid for water well equipment

The Brady City Council will meet for the second regularly scheduled meeting in February tonight in Council Chambers. On the agenda as action items, the Council will consider and act on awarding a bid for a pressure vessel. The bid is for a 2,500 gallon pressure tank for Well No. 5 on the south side of town. The vessel will help increase the water pressure to residents on the southside of town. Two items on the agenda will result in the possible purchase of three new city-owned vehicles: a new police car for the Brady Police Department and two pickup trucks for the City’s Utility Department. Both items will be acted on by the Council as two separate items. In other business, the Council will act on a resolution for a temporary land lease to Heartland Rig International, Inc. According to City Manager Merle Taylor, HRI is requesting a lease agreement with the City for approximately 20 acres located just north of its current facility for temporary storage. The Council will also act on a resolution for a mutual aid agreement between the Brady/McCulloch County EMS and Medivac EMS of Brownwood. If approved, the resolution will allow both EMS teams to assist over county lines should the need for outside personnel and equipment arise. A third resolution on the agenda focuses on a Sagebrush Development Project for low to moderate income families. A program implemented by the Housing Authority, the project could potentially add 60 to 70 housing units to the southside of Brady. The Council will also act on a resolution to adopt a revised purchasing manual and will consider and act on the City’s participation in utility construction for Hangar C at Curtis Field. Ordinances on the agenda are: ‘First reading of an ordinance rezoning Block 13, Jones Addition from Type A’Residential to Type D’Commercial; ‘First reading of an ordinance vacating a portion of Matthew Street between Blocks 41 and 42, Martin Heights Addition; ‘First reading of an ordinance amending the budget to hire one full-time firefighter; ‘First reading of an ordinance authorizing real estate trade between the City of Brady and HRI in order to meet building restriction line compliance. ‘Second reading of an ordinance authorizing a 10-year lease agreement of airport property to Brady Economic Development Corporation; and ‘Second reading of an ordinance authorizing water service outside the city limits for Billy Turner at 3005 North Bridge Street.

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