Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Wake up citizens of Brady. Does anyone else in this town look at your utility bills or do you just ignore the problem’ Our city has a serious problem and no one seems to care. Back in the coldest part of this winter we have had, my electric bill was under $90. The weather has not been cold enough this past month to run a heater but for about an hour in the early morning while getting ready for work and school, yet my electric bill is over $190. So, tell me there is not a problem with this city.Yes, there is. How do our elderly citizens pay these outrageous utility bills’ They are on a fixed income. Although, now days everyone is on a fixed income in the city of Brady because it takes all we make just to pay our utilities. Something needs to be done about this problem. But as I have learned,it does no good when you try on your own. It will take all of the citizens coming together to get this problem fixed. Kim Betts Brady, Tex.

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