Integrity Systems moving to Amarillo

William Colegrove, president and CEO of Integrity Systems, has announced that the Texas Distribution Center located in Brady will be relocated to Trafton Printing in Amarillo, effective April 1. “This significant change will expedite order fulfillment and responsiveness to Integrity customers and will also address important capacity issues as Integrity gears up for future growth,” he said. Brady employees have been offered positions to join Rick Trafton’s staff, under the continued leadership of James Petty and Delia Solis. Ten of the 13 employees at the Brady center were offered job placement in the Amarillo office with the remaining three offered positions in Phoenix, Ariz. Currently, Petty as well as two other employees have chosen to take the positions offered through the Amarillo center. “For the past 20 years, the Texas Distribution Center has been an integral part of our company’s success,” said Colegrove. “In every way the team has upheld the banner of integrity, excellence and innovation, while excelling in the highest standard of customer service.” Key decision points for the company in making this strategic shift focused on ensuring the welfare of Integrity employees, responsiveness to the customer and financial benefits of the transition. “Our employees’ welfare is a top priority,” said Colegrove. “Integrity Systems has offered all Brady employees who are considering the transfer an excellent relocation package to Amarillo. “For the past 30 years Rick Trafton and his company have provided exemplary customer service consistent with the Integrity promise. The decision to move the Texas Distribution Center to Trafton Printing was a result of Rick’s commitment to excellence in all he does. “Brady employees will have the opportunity to benefit personally and professionally as a result of this decision. Additionally, Integrity Systems will be able to release the finances now tied up in inventory into new sales and marketing initiatives.”

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