BHS names school favorites

The votes have been cast and tabulated at Brady High School for the 2000-2001 class favorites which includes boy and girl selections for best looking, best personality, wittiest, most ambitious and most representative. A rare occurrence, this year’s overall standings went to senior nominees in each of the five categories. The following is a list of each overall and class winner in their respective category: OVERALL WINNERS Best Looking’Mario Roque and Beth Reinisch. Best Personality’Patrick Ledezma and Mary Grace Conrad. Wittiest’Drew Cory and Alisha Condron. Most Ambitious’Rhett Behrens and Angela Dodd. Most Representative’Jeff Bow-den and Jennifer Morgan. BEST LOOKING Juniors, Blake Raybion and Nicole Nowlin; sophomores, Jake Bowden and Kayce Pollok; and freshmen, Cole Whisenhunt and Stacy Lohn. BEST PERSONALITY Juniors, Zach Brown and Jana Partin; sophomores, Ben Cruz and Erin Rainey; and freshmen, Carter McBee and Tallie Wright. WITTIEST Juniors, David Cruz and Chelsea Simpson; sophomores, John Moore and Allison Condron; and freshmen, Eli Bratton and Trista Hoard. MOST AMBITIOUS Juniors, Brian Hovorak and Amy Pearson; sophomores, Matthew Fields and Kelsey Bailey; and freshmen Jamie Allen and Megan Griffith. MOST REPRESENTATIVE Juniors, Samuel Torres and Jenna Behrens; sophomores, Thomas Castro and Meagan Schaffner; and freshmen, C.J. Villegas and Chelsea Rutherford.

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