Young Eagles wrap up season, 13-1

To end their 2001 basketball action, the Lohn Junior High Eagles added 1-1 to their star-studded season which boasts an impressive 13-1 record. Taking a win early on in the Brookesmith invitational tournament, the young Eagles waxed the home team, 47-15. Jason Bloomer and Riley McFarland led their team to the victory with 16 points each. Other Lohn scorers were K.J. Meador 7, T.J. Blair 4 and Chance Lowells and J.J. Bell 2. Score By Quarters: Lohn 14 14 9 10’47 Brookesmith 4 4 0 7’15 In the second round, the Eagles were forced into a devastating loss handed down from the Richland Springs Coyotes, 29-21. “We had a very good season,” said Lohn coach Johnny Griffice. “We ended up 13-1 on the season. “The loss comes to us with a bad taste. We had beaten these guys the two previous times we met each other. They have a good ball team and they don’t give up.” Lohn scorers: Jason Bloomer and K.J. Meador 8 and Riley McFarland 5. Score By Quarters: Lohn 4 7 6 4’21 Richland S. 11 10 6 2’29

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