Local cat lover financially burdened by feline population

Calicos, Tabbys, Persians and the ever popular Tom cat’they’re in your neigborhood and mine and becoming more and more over-populated each day. But what happens when these animals left astray make their way into your home’ Population overload’that’s exactly what one local cat lover is up against. With cats eating her out of house and home, she’s turning to the public to help her find solutions. “I have about 15 cats and that’s too many for me,” said the local cat lover who wishes to remain anonymous. “I’ve wanted for some time now to place several of my kittens in good loving homes. “I have too many now and the cost of feeding them is getting very expensive. What vet care they’ve gotten, I’ve done on my own. In the beginning, I started with just a few strays. My neighbor was shooting these cats and I took them in to keep him from killing them. Former Brady resident and current San Angelo Independent School District teacher, Carrie Chernick, has worked extensively with the local cat lover. “Mrs. Chernick is trying to help me get as many sponsors as possible to have the cats spayed or neutered,” said the owner. “My income is limited as to what I can do and feeding them is pretty much my limit. “So far I’ve had six individuals sponsor the vet costs. Brady vets ordinarily charge $60 or $80 (depending on the vet of your choice) to have females spayed and $45 and $25 to have the males neutered,” she said. Not aware of the exact number of females, the owner adds the female population is more dominant in her home. “My resources are limited when there are that many animals to take care of. My goal is basically to get many of these animals adopted out to good homes and I can take care of the rest of them.” Anyone interested in adopting a cat or helping out with vet bills and feeding costs are encouraged to call Glory Stafford who has agreed to act as a contact person at 597-2959 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m or at home at 239-5444.

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