Barber, 2nd Chapter, 4th Verse

They say credit, which includes credit cards, to home loans is bad. Well, it can be if it’s abused’but if used right, it’s ok. I remember one Christmas when my wife and kids wouldn’t have had any Christmas if I hadn’t discovered one old Foley’s card with no chargs on it. The grins, smiles, etc., were worth it. And I finally got it paid off. Plus, whether you rent or whether you buy, you pay for the place you occupy. That’s written in “Barber, 2nd Chapter, 4th Verse.” H Thing about credit’it’s so easy to abuse it. Twenty-plus years ago they starting sending college kids credit cards and like they say, “The show was on the road.” What young boy, say 19 or 20-years-old, can resist a young girl who coos in his ear what she wants. For that matter, granddads are subject to the same temptations’from both wives and grandkids. So, there’s good and bad in credit cards. ‘Bout like driving a car’stay in the middle of the road. I heard today about a guy getting executed tonight for something he did 21 years ago. Such a waste. Hope Bush can correct this. Woodrow Call could. H If we were all clones, I believe we could communicate better. Tho I doubt if it would be a whole lot of fun. No controversy. H It’s possible that we know too much. Heck, the weather is reported and forecasted, the financial gurus tell us what’s what, our physical and mental state is broadcast and yet when it comes down to it, we don’t know a thing. Except the rules from the “good book.” H I guess I’ve got allergies. That’s the easiest thing to have these days. I’ve been diagnosed by Alice the waitresq’ She oughta know. I asked her what to do about them and she said, “Just drink more coffee.” So I did and I believe she’s right. By my noon appointment I oughta be cured.

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