The jury’s still out

New president’starting over again. It gets harder every year, rather four years. Kinda like two-a-days to a football player. I’m getting fonder of retirement and old folks homes all the time. Tho I can’t really get along with anybody these days. I’ll lay you money, I could get a nursing home administrator to resign in six months. Of course, they might sedate me or give me a lobotomy like they did Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” H Too much jewelry on a man makes me sick. I saw three rings on one man’s hand. Shameful. I was thankful he wasn’t my son. I was tempted to give him a whippin’, which I refrained from doing. Mainly cause I couldn’t. H We’re having a big free-throw contest in San Marcos. I’m one of the emcees. And I’m also a participant. I’ll be talking about it later, it’s not scheduled until March 22. I’ve started practicing again. H I can never figure it out. I’m more like the weather than most’stormy, hot, cold, serene, peaceful, loving, mean, easy, hard and kind. This morning my scene is good. Not hurtin’, politically sound, spiritually very nice, physically (or mentally) better, at peace and groovin’ and financially fine. H When asked: How are you’ or How have you been’ My new answer is: “The jury is still out.” But for a fee, I’ll get you a report when it comes out. Up-front, of course. H Have you even thought that men are kinda like male dogs. If not watched, they’ll try about any ole female dog that’ll let ’em. And they eat all the steak or barbecue they can. And they’ll chase after any good lookin’ car they can and yet have no hope of driving it. And they love to lay under the porch in the cool and they like to get in a pack and just “tool” around. Start watching ’em. As well as other animals. It’s a real study. Might puzzle you for awhile but it’ll teach you a lot about yourself. Now we’re really not that bad. I’ve learned to heel, sit and to follow pretty well. Course I married a school teacher’that helps.

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