We’re all created equal

Well, last Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I get inspired every time I hear him make that famous speech and sing, “We Shall Overcome.” I’ve got lotsa black friends that I love. And I know they love me, too. I try not to be offensive to anyone. And I know it’s hard to change. But we’re changing. I wish I could live forever so I could help. I know I probably won’t unless we really can look down from heaven and watch. I know I’d like that. I grew up and was raised quite prejudicially and I know I joke and kid a lot but people are just people and I don’t have to like you to be able to love you. See, I like Martin Luther King. Don’t ask me how I feel about Jesse. He kinda makes me sick. H My old crippled knee started bothering me again. Can’t pivot no more. Been gimping around all fall. Wife told me to go see a knee doctor and consult with him and get it operated on. She kept asking, over and over again, if I had called him. Now, I don’t care to go to hospitals and doctors. First reason’they hurt you’and second’they’re too expensive. I just finished paying one hospital bill that was trumped up and unnecessary and I’m not getting in that boat again. So when she asked me again if I’d called him, I said, “NO’and I’m not going to.” Well, she’d kinda leaving me alone now, but it got me so cocky that when I got stopped for not wearing my seat belt, I told the cop the same thing. He knew me though and said, “I’m not your wife and I’m telling you to wear it or I’ll hand over a fine. So I’ve started wearing it. Like they say: money talks. I was lucky the patrolman liked me and peppermint too. H According to my dictionary, “awesome” means inspiring awe. And awe is an emotion of mingled reverence, dread and wonder or respect. My ears say it’s so overused that it’s unknown. Somebody musta said it first. Kids caught it and now it means a lot more. How much more, I dunno. Little girls squeal. I believe it boils down to being descriptive to the point of awesomeness. H Being as you females’young and old, all different’make the world go ’round, pick which little family you want. Take one for keeps. Take one whether you’re a mama, granny, aunt, sister, daughter or can wear a dress, you’re eligible. Don’t be shy. First come, first pick. You men, just eat and agree and try to behave. If possible. UNCLE BILL

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