Business owner injured in fall

Charles Mussman, owner of C&D Flooring in Brady, was injured in a fall from a ladder Monday morning while working on a sign outside his business. Strong winds had apparently caused one of two hinges holding the sign to break. Mussman was attempting to secure the sign when he fell approximately 10 feet to the ground. According to witnesses, Mussman parked a pickup truck next to the sign, then proceeded to climb to the roof. Once on the roof, he laid the ladder from the roof to the sign and was in the process of securing the sign when he fell. He landed on the roof of the pickup before hitting the ground. Fire and EMS crews responded to the scene and assisted in transporting Mussman to the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital. He was later transferred to San Angelo where he was treated for broken ribs. Fire and police officials removed the sign as it was hanging precariously by a single cinch strap.

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