BHS Acadec team successful at region meet

The Academic Decathlon team from Brady High School competed in regional competition Jan. 19 and 20 at Aubrey High School near Denton. The team didn’t advance to state competition but did earn 16 medals. According to coaches Butch Crudgington and Liesa Land, every team member that participated in the decathlon received at least one medal. The following is a list of medal winners and their respective categories: MATH Megan Schaffner, second; Cara Crudgington, third; Russell Dean, third; and Stanley Lewis, second. SCIENCE Jenny Walthall, first; John Moore, first; Russell Dean, second; Stanley Lewis, first; and Thomas Castro, first. MUSIC Russell Dean, third and Thomas Castro, third. ESSAY Jake Bowden, first. INTERVIEWS Jenny Walthall, third; Meagan Schaffner, third; and Russell Dean, third. SUPER QUIZ Russell Dean, third. The top Brady High School winners, Dean, Schaffner and Walthall, will receive a $250 Dr. David Graves Scholarship. The team, which consists of six to nine members, is required to perform a four minute prepared speech, a two minute impromptu speech, and is subject to an interview, an essay and a written test on language and literature, economics, science, math, music, art, super quiz and super quiz relay. Coached by Mrs. Land and Crudgington, the ACADEC team was also accompanied by Lynn Munden on the recent trip to Aubrey High School. Cassie Williams was an observer.

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