The Mane Lion

Twenty-one members, a program speaker and two guests attended the Brady Lions Club meeting last Thursday. Lion Randy Richards brought Lynn Weston and Charlie Avery to visit. (Two more ‘Lohners.’) Our speaker was Bobby Miller, Associate Warden of the Eden Detention Center. His talk about the operation of the center, and about some humorous incidents that have happened with certain inmates was very informative. He pointed out that the City of Eden has a contract with the federal Bureau of Prisons, and that Corrections Corporation of America has a contract with the City to manage and operate the facility. In addition to CCA operating to make a profit, Eden also receives a certain dollar amount per prisoner per day. There are about 1,300 inmates at EDC. At the McCulloch County Junior Livestock Show, the Brady Lions Club contributed over $250 toward the purchase of Wendee Carlson’s grand champion gilt. Lion James Long represented the club at that event. Lion President Pollard and other local members will represent the Brady Lions Club at the Lions District 2-A1 midwinter conference at Sonora on the weekend of Feb. 9-11. Lion Randy Richards is reported to be taking his travel trailer so that he can house all of the Brady Lions. Isn’t that what you said, Randy’ Here’s another reminder to all seniors at Brady, Lohn and Rochelle High Schools. Competition for the Brady Lions Club scholarship is open to all of you this year. Get an application from your school office after Feb. 1, and return it by March 31. You don’t have to be planning to attend a college or university. Technical and trade school students also may qualify. The rules will accompany the applications. Diana Martin and her daughter, Chasity Clark, are two employees of Caf’ at the Depot, where we meet. The Brady Lions Club extends its sincere condolences to them on the loss of Diana’s mother and Chasity’s grandmother.

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