Commissioners okay software purchase for records access

The McCulloch County Commissioners met in open session Monday morning at the McCulloch County Courthouse to deliberate on a short list of agenda items. The Commissioners heard a presentation from representatives from, a company that provides internet access to public, criminal and civil court records. Some information will be free public access on the internet; however, sells subscriptions for enhanced services to law firms and others needing easy, searchable access, explained McCulloch County Judge Randy Young. The county and district clerks offices have reviewed the program and recommended favorable acceptance from the court. Based on their recommendations, the Commissioners agreed to participate, and iDocket will provide all necessary equipment and software at no costs to the county. In addition, the county will receive a small portion of access fees collected by the service. “Desk inquiries and phone inquires are expected to drop because of the county’s participation,” said Judge Young. “This will allow the district and county clerks to have more uninterrupted time for regular office duties.” In other business, the Commissioners discussed the appointment of new McCulloch County Historical Commission members. Chairman Marcia Aarons submitted a list of five nominations to be considered as new members. The commission’s two-year term expired on Dec. 31, 2000, and a new one must be appointed for the next two years. According to Young, the state requires that a minimum of seven members be named. The Commissioners voted to table the appointment to check with prospective nominees in order to fill the entire board at the next meeting. The Commissioners approved, with only minor changes, a contract for services for the implementation of a Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP). This contract is part of a program that began last year where defendants are sentenced to an intensive program of counseling by licensed counselors. The program will cover up to 30 court-ordered participants, and each participant will complete an 18-week program and will be required to contribute $10 per weekly session. The first session is expected to begin on Feb. 6. In the final item on the agenda, the Commissioners discussed the needed replacement of a tower located near the G. Rollie White Complex and generator replacements at the tower and at the law enforcement building. Sheriff Howell reported on the progress of a grant previously received for upgrades to mobile and hand-held radios. The Commissioners approved payment of approximately $8,000 in matching funds for the grant.

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