Baptists pick Kerrville man as interim pastor

Pastor Ernest R. Wells, a retired baptist minister from Kerrville, has a new mission’serve the members of the First Baptist Church of Brady’s congregation as an intentional interim pastor. A baptist minister working in the ministry for the past 50 years, Wells retired from the First Baptist Church of Kerrville in 1986. He served as pastor of that congregation from 1971 until 1986 and since his retirement from active pastorate, he has been a supply pastor and interim pastor for churches throughout the hill country. “I have spent the time since my retirement serving areas that includes Boerne, Junction, Llano and several other churches in the area around Kerrville,” said Wells. “I have had eight interim pastorates during my retirement and Brady will be the ninth.” A widower, Rev. Wells still owns a home in Kerrville. He will be staying in Brady from Sunday through Wednesday night throughout the duration of his service to perform the normal pastoral duties within the community. The Intentional Interim Pastor at the First Baptist Church is part of a plan that includes a study of the church, its history, its mission statement and where the church stands in all of its short term and long term plans. A Transition Team is in the process of being formed that will serve as the survey program designers for the church. A list of names proposed by members of the congregation has been received and it will be evaluated and reviewed by the church staff. “This team decides its own program,” said Rev. Wells. “Through the team, we will work together to present the church with any and all decisions and proposals. After the survey is completed, the pastor search committee will then go out and work at finding a pastor that will fill the needs of the church.” Traditionally, interim pastors serve congregations for six to seven months. According to Rev. Wells, of the eight interim positions he has had, most last around seven months, but some have been longer and some have been shorter. “The extent of my stay in Brady will depend on the completion of the developmental tasks of the Transition Team,” said Wells. “When that is done, the pastor search committee will take over in filling the preacher’s position.”

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