Digital cable conversion nearing completion

Digital cable is less than one month away and already Brady residents are in for a big surprise. Toward the end of January, they can expect to see door-to-door salesman around the Brady area pitching first month’s service free offers and promoting the new digital service. Also, as a way of informing its customers of improved capabilities, Classic Cable will launch a full-blown media advertisement campaign prior to the switch. “We’re in the final stages of getting switched over to the new cable and we’re starting to do the test to verify that the internet return path is up and working,” said Classic Cable plant manager Jimmy Welch. “We’re going to have a full two-way system with this new digital line. Currently, what happens is the cable channels come from a tower site and go to the north side of town where we get our cable. With high-speed internet, you’ll have a signal that comes from your computer and goes back upstream. We’ll have a larger wire to carry the signal which will in turn make it much faster.” The new digital service should be up and running by mid-February according to Welch. “We’re about 80 percent completed with laying the new cable lines,” he explained. Classic Cable was assisted by Horizon Construction which hails from the Houston area. “They’ve been working on the project for approximately three months and have done a great job.” High-speed internet access and digital converter boxes for television sets will be offered through Classic Cable. To get the extra box required to receive the digital television signal, customers will be required to pay an additional $5 per month for the basic connection which includes 30 music channels of assorted varieties. Other different levels of services as well as pricing packages will also be available. Special attractions such as Discovery Kids, Discovery Wings, HBO Family, HBO 1-3, Showtime 1-3 as well as MTV and numerous other networks will be offered through the digital service. “If anyone encounters any type of problem, we ask that they give us a call so we can correct the situation,” said Welch. “Anytime you move over to a new cable system, it’s only natural that you’re going to have a few minor problems.”

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