Auditor gives City thumbs up

History was made Tuesday night in Council Chambers when for the first time in several years, the City’s annual audit was reviewed on schedule according to the City Charter. Completed by Michael Schaffner, CPA and his staff, the audit was delivered to the City of Brady on Dec. 31, 2000, and shows the City in good financial standings. It was unanimously approved Tuesday night by the City Council. A far cry from the state of turmoil the City was in just two short years ago, the recent audit gives Brady residents and city officials a sigh of relief. “The books are in a much improved condition than in years past,” said Schaffner when addressing the Council. “Your finance officer Lisa Remini and her staff deserve all the credit.” Having had difficulty receiving confirmations back after they were forwarded to the proper agencies, Schaffner did inform the council that, “It is getting harder to complete the city audit by the Dec. 31 deadline.” Schaffner stated the reason for this is many of the agencies who receive confirmations from the City of Brady shut down their offices in December to observe the Christmas holidays. Running into this type of situation, Schaffner explained, “this is why it’s getting more and more difficult to complete the audit in only three months.” An estimated 25 confirmation letters were mailed out to agencies such as the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, the Concho Valley Council of Governments, banks and various vendors. Because of improved bookkeeping, this year’s cost of the audit paled in comparison to last year’s audit which didn’t get into the hands of Schaffner’s staff until February 2000. This year’s audit cost the City of Brady $15,000’$5,000 less than last year’s audit. Moving on to other business, the Council approved a resolution which will authorize a temporary use agreement with Texas Aerocolor, Inc. The resolution was brought to the Council in a request for additional floor space inside Hanger A. The extra space requested by Texas Aerocolor, Inc. was 100×100 square feet. The extra floor space will compensate the company’s increased productivity until a third facility, Hangar C, can be constructed. A request submitted by Heartland Rig International, Inc. (HRI) to place a temporary office unit on Curtis Field airport property died Tuesday night due to lack of action. At the request of City Councilman Jesse McAnally, the item was first tabled until a later date. McAnally questioned why a plot plan wasn’t submitted to the Council prior to being placed on the agenda and suggested the halt in continuation. Bill Bagley of HRI was present at the meeting and informed the Council of HRI’s intent to seek another facility in the City of Brady as opposed to bringing in a temporary office unit. As a result of Bagley’s comments, the Council chose to let the action item die as opposed to bringing it back through a tabled item. Once again, the meeting focused its interest on Curtis Field when in the following action item, the Council approved the resolution that authorizes the city manager to enter into a grant for a State Assisted Airport Routine Maintenance Program. The state-funded grant is for $60,000 and a portion of the grant will aid with the installation of new utility lines and infrastructure improvements at Hangar C at Curtis Field. The remaining portion not funded by the state will be split between the Brady Economic Development Corporation and the City of Brady. In other business, the Council approved Richard Peck of Charles Freeman Electrical Power Engineers to work on the City’s behalf as a consultant for the renewal of the Classic Cable contract. “According to his resume, he’s very qualified for the job,” said city manager Merle Taylor. “He has ample experience working with cable companies.” In the final item of the evening, the Council voted to table the action item awarding a bid for a pressure tank because no bids were submitted to City Hall. The item will be reopened for bids. Other items discussed in the city manager’s report and Council comments: ‘ The new fire truck is expected to arrive in Brady on Jan. 28. Having left Florida on Tuesday, the truck will stop in Houston prior to delivery for installation of a two-way radio and minor tinkering.

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