North Ward Elementary to participate in Math-A-Thon

North Ward Elementary is joining schools across the state in a Math-A-Thon to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Sponsored by Six Flags, the event is specifically for kindergarten kids and is not a mandatory requirement. “The Math-A-Thon is strictly volunteer,” said a representative of North Ward Elementary. “It does, however, benefit unfortunate children at St. Jude’s Hospital.” Students who choose to participate are asked to return permission/registration forms sent home to their parents. The kids raise money for St. Jude’s by soliciting pledges from local sponsors. Anyone from parents to aunts and uncles and from neighbors to family friends can sponsor a student. Simply pledge 3′, 5′, 10′ or more for each math problem that the student completes. With an estimated 200 problems, if someone sponsored a student at 5′ per problem, that student’s contribution to St. Jude Hospital would be $10. Four sponsors at just 5′ would raise $40 and would earn that student a free T-shirt and an admission ticket to any Six Flags theme park. When all registration forms are returned to the office at North Ward Elementary and the required amount of funbooks are ordered and have arrived, students will be given seven days to complete the 200 problems and puzzles. After the funbooks are completed, the students will then collect the pledges from their sponsors and return the money to the school. Students who raise $75 or more will receive a Six Flags theme parks free admission ticket, a St. Jude sports bag and T-shirt and a certificate of achievement. Those who raise $35 will receive a ticket to Six Flags, a T-shirt and a certificate. Anyone who collects pledges will receive a certificate of achievement. The student raising the most money over $125 will receive a personal CD player (limited to one CD player per school). As a whole, the schools who raise $3,000-$4,999 will receive 15 hand-held pocket calculators or an answering machine. Schools raising $5,000 to $9,000 will receive their choice of a VCR or a 19 inch color TV with remote or a CD-ROM set. Any contribution over $10,000 will receive its school their choice of a Telecorder or a fax machine or a printer and color scanner. When students begin soliciting pledges for the Math-A-Thon, North Ward Elementary asks that all checks be made payable to St. Jude children’s Research Hospital.

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