Local businessman takes over Subway franchise

Landing in the hands of four different owners in less than three years, the local Subway sandwich shop in Brady has been nothing less than a “hot potato.” Brady residents since 1991, Mike and Melinda Benbow hope to stretch that all-too-common phrase, “third time’s the charm” to suit their recent venture with the Subway franchise. As the fourth and newest owners of Brady’s Subway, the Benbows plan to bring restaurant and management experience to the local sandwich shop. While Melinda will remain obligated to her present career aspirations, Mike will be a more hands-on owner, stepping in to handle the decision-making aspects commonly associated with owning a business. In fact, it’s Mike who brings the restaurant and management experience to the business. Employed with Brady Pizza Hut for seven years, first as an employee and then as a store manager, Benbow is no stranger to serving the people of Brady. Before severing his ties with Pizza Hut, he worked for two-and-one-half years as an area manager, catering not only to the Brady Pizza Hut but those in Ballinger, Coleman and Winters as well. Looking for a new job close to the Brady area, Benbow stumbled on the Subway franchise by sheer coincidence. Through a friend, Benbow was introduced to the idea of purchasing the Subway franchise from its then current owner, Steve Weckworth of ACS Investments of Brownwood, who maintained ownership of the local Subway for only eight months. After contacting Weckworth, Benbow was shocked to learn that in fact, the sandwich shop was not for sale, contrary to the information handed down from his friend. “Fifteen minutes after the conversation ended, Weckworth called me back and said, ‘Lets talk sale.'” Because of that simple mis-communication, the Benbows are now the proud owners of a successful business with growing potential. Contrary to Benbows initial plan to install a juke box and a large screen television, the Subway franchise headquarters has denied his installation request. Benbow does have other plans for the future, however. He hopes to draw the interest of other well-known and established franchises like TCBY Treats and Little Ceasar’s Pizza to his current location which has lease space available. “We do plan to bring other co-existing franchises to the area,” explained Benbow, “and if we decide to purchase the building down the road, we’re definitely going to consider adding a drive-thru.” Even though his interests have changed from marinara and pizza sauce to dijon and honey mustard, one thing will remain the same’the Benbows bring professionalism, experience and friendly faces to the local establishment.

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