Baptist church in Rochelle since 1888

The Rochelle Baptist Church was organized way back in 1888 by the Rev. Eliff of Missouri. The tabernacle was constructed in 1905, and the church was built in 1909. The parsonage was built in 1935 and on July 22, 1953, the church building was destroyed by fire. The present building was finished in December 1953. The membership grew to a peak membership of 412 in 1947. It has since declined to 62 members today. Ken Barr is the present pastor. There are about 35 average attendees in Sunday school and about 50-75 in church services. Former pastors include: 1892-94’J.A. Land. 1894-96’Chapman. 1896-98’Carroll. 1898-1900’Smith. 1901-03’McAllister. 1903-04’G.W. Caperton. 1904-05’A.E. Baton. 1906-07’M.E. Davis. 1908-11’Wade Vinson. 1911-15’J.T. Hamilton. 1916’Gibson. 1917’Will Rogers. 1918-19’Harley Smith. 1920-23’L.S. Richardson. 1923-24’W.H. Gage. 1925’R.D. DeWeese. 1925-26’R.E. Milam. 1926-27’H.B. Ramsor. 1928-32’Ben Davis. 1933-34’Bob McGraw. 1934-35’Judson Prince. 1936’T.F. Cooper. 1936-38’A.D. Bruton. 1938-43’C.W. McCulloch. 1943-46’Dick Camp. 1946-48’C.J. Coppman. 1948-53’Lloyd Benton. 1953-55’Joe Wallace. 1955-57’Arthur Nunn. 1957’Billy McClellan. (Dates uncertain)’Doug Under-hill, J.C. Tankersley, Elder Alden, Wayne Curry, Dave Morrison, Greg More and Ken Barr. My first preacher I remember was Judson Prince. Some past deacons were M.A. Gainer, Robert L. Smith, Clyde Mathews, Jack Trawick, Bill Harwell, Jess Burk, Tol Roberts, Leslie Sansom, Fred Roberts, Vernon Waddill, Sr., Vernon Waddill, Jr., Leslie Davenport, Granville Bryson, Drew Brown, Claude Knight, and J. George Scoggins. Deacons today are Lloyd Harris, Clifton Brown, Tommy Hodges, Ronnie Nowlin, Willie Myers, Jim Hilton and Knute Blomstrom. I feel like we are very lucky today to have Ken and Gloria Barr as our leaders. Ken coached football and basketball for 30 or more years. I feel like he understands us old crooked breast ex-coaches, and 20 to 25 minutes and he has covered his subject.

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