Year in weather leaves room for improvement

Weather in the Heart of Texas during the year 2000 was filled with extremes’record-setting rains, a devastating drouth, scorching high temperatures and frigid lows. Some will say . . . that’s Texas weather, and it is. The old adage’if you don’t like the weather, just hang around for a few minutes and it’ll change’is quite true. Brady’s rainfall for the year, as reported by U.S. Weather Observer Jean F. Williams, totaled 32.40 inches. That is more six inches above the average of 26.10 inches, according to the Texas Almanac. January 2000 began like 1999 ended’in the throes of a severe drouth that would continue throughout much of the year. It was an extreme mild winter with January registering two unusually warm days, the 12th (82′) and the 29th (89′). Temperatures continued to be above normal. March 29th high was 90′ then on April 8th, the mercury reached 97′. On May 13 Brady had its first century mark when the temperature reached 104′. Rains began to fall in the latter part of May, and Brady recorded 4.63 inches during that month. Other parts of McCulloch County reaped even more during that period. The showers continued into June but finally fizzled out on the 18th when 0.53 of an inch fell. It was a typical July’hot and dry. Eleven days during the month were 100′ or above. In all, Brady had 28 days of 100′ days with the hottest period coming around Labor Day. For seven consecutive days, Bradyites huddled under the air condition was the sun baked the county. Sept. 1, 103′; Sept. 2, 104′; Sept. 3, 105′; Sept. 4, 105′; Sept. 5, 105′; Sept. 6, 109′ (the hottest temperature of the year); and Sept. 7, 100′. It began to rain again in the latter part of October and it continued throughout November. The city had a 2.17 inch rain on Oct. 23, then another nice rain two days later when 1.46 inches fell. It continued to rain virtually every day until Nov. 2 when 4.25 inches fell. It kept raining into the next day when 3.41 inches were gauged. Suddenly, the record rainfall for the month of November, 7.80 inches established in 1913, was shattered by the massive 10.82 inches received. The amount was in the top five monthly totals since rainfall records began in 1913. Brady’s initial freeze of the season was the morning of Nov. 8 with a 32′ mark. December was an average rainfall month of 1.19 inches. County Agent Jerry Kidd says if the county doesn’t get some “follow-up” rains during the winter months and into the spring everything will go right back to where the Heart of Texas was last year. But this spring appears to be a bright and beautiful one with colorful flowers dotting the countryside because of the wonderous fall rains.

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