New airport hangar approved by EDC

Pending detailed and final dollar amount negotiations and a lease approval by the City of Brady, a new airplane hangar at Curtis Field will soon be under construction. As the final stages of a long-term plan by the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), (in their meeting Tuesday night,) members approved a motion to accept the construction bid of M.B. Bender Company of Kingsland, contingent upon price negotiations. Following a special meeting last week to discuss the details of three bids that had been submitted, the three bidding companies were each given an opportunity to amend their bids to make any price corrections or alterations. After considering each of the three revised bids Tuesday night, the EDC decided upon the M.B. Bender Co. The Bender bid was returned with approximately $17,000 in reductions in addition to being the only bid to include all three aspects of the construction including the building, dirt work and utility work. EDC President Kim King will be meeting with representatives of M.B. Bender in the next few days to make final contract negotiations. If those negotiations result in a satisfactory price, the bid will be finalized with no other votes necessary. One major contingency factor that is still up in the air is possible grants from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Aviation Division. These grants would subsidize as much as $254,000 of the overall project. Airport manager Joe Mosier was in Austin Wednesday to discuss and negotiate the possible acceptance of the grants. As of press time Thursday morning, according to Mosier, TxDOT officials is now in the process of evaluating the entire state’s project studies and will be allocating funds over the next few weeks. “One thing we know for sure is that $147,000 has been assigned to us,” said Mosier. “At this point we are cautiously optimistic that we will receive more funds.” Preliminary reports of the TxDOT grants show that the project will receive no less than $154,000 in grant funds to assist in the project. The total cost for all phases of the project depends on several variables that have not yet been finalized. The cost will range between $480,000 and $572,000. Those figures, less the pending TxDOT grants, will leave a cost that will be paid by Texas Aerocolor in a long-term zero-interest loan. “One of the best things about this project is that the City will recoup the entire principal over the next 10 to 15 years,” said King. Another contingency factor that must occur prior to the start of any construction at the airport is the approval of the lease for the facility by the Brady City Council. According to the Brady City Charter, the City may only make lease contracts for a maximum of 10 years. EDC members have worked with Texas Aerocolor owner Alan Woodson to arrive at acceptable lease terms. Both parties are striving to reach an overall project cost as close to $200,000 as possible. The cost of the building construction when finalized will be amortized by Texas Aerocolor over the next 10 to 15 years.

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