Dogs parents good coaches, York says

January 12-15, 1960 Brady coach Chuck York told the Ol’ Houn’ Dawgs Monday night that the Bulldogs received “some free coaching at home this year.” “I want to thank the mothers and fathers of the boys. If it weren’t for the coaching done at home, we couldn’t have done much in the two or three hours a day we spend with the boys. There was never a time when we didn’t get the best of cooperation from the parents.” Looking around the BHS cafeteria where 50 to 60 Houn’ Dawgs, their wives and members of the Mothers Athletic Club had gathered Monday, York marveled at the crowd. “It’s not hard to have a crowd when there is a big game coming up, but the football season is over now, and I think you Houn’ Dawgs have done a tremendous job. “There isn’t much to this business of being a Houn’ Dawg. You meet a few times a year and write a check for your dues, and argue a little, usually over nothing’ “But something good comes out of it, just being here. You have given your time and money to help these youngsters get off on the right foot. You are a real asset to these boys, and you have the self satisfaction of helping them make their mark in the world.” Dawg President John Moran introduced Mrs. Noel Haynes, president of the Mothers Athletic Club whose members were guests of the Dawgs Monday. The Dawgs voted to hold a chili supper for the junior high football boys after the basketball season ends Feb. 12. In making arrangements to elect the “best back” and “best lineman” from the 1959 Bulldog seniors, the Dawgs couldn’t agree whether to present the boys with a trophy or the usual gold football charm. They finally agreed to let each member designate his choice when he votes on the “outstanding back and Lineman” in balloting by mail. * * * Angelo motorist gets ticket here ‘and likes it The Brady Police Department received a letter this week from a San Angelo motorist, “the kind we like to get,” said Police Chief Dorman Gibbs. “Last Saturday, I was traveling through your city in route to Austin on business,” wrote the San Angelo man. “After going through town and near the edge of the city limits, I picked up speed too soon and was stopped by Mr. (Wallace) Bode. “I pleaded guilty to this charge because I have no reason to believe he was mistaken. I do want to compliment officer Bode. He was very friendly and courteous.” * * * Inauguration for A&M Chief slated March 26 Earl Rudder will be inaugurated as the 14th president of Texas A&M College Saturday, March 26. He is a graduate of A&M class of ’32. The inaugural ceremonies, to be attended by distinguished educators, business, military and civic leaders from throughout the nation, will be held at 10 a.m. in the G. Rollie White Coliseum. Dr. Troy Middleton, president of Louisiana State University, will deliver the inaugural address. J.J. Woolket, professor and head of the Department of Modern Languages at A&M, is chairman of the inaugural committee. The cadet corps will pass in review at 9 a.m. The inaugural luncheon will be held at 12:30 p.m. in Sbisa Hall, and the president’s reception will be given in the Memorial Student Center from 2:30-4 p.m. Rudder, born at Eden and a former mayor of Brady, was named president of A&M July 1, 1959, after serving as vice president from Feb. 1, 1958. Mr. and Mrs. Rudder are the parents of five children, James Earl, Jr., 19; Margaret Anne, 17; Linda, 12; Jane, 11 and Robert 5. * * * Lohn News Lohn school boys’ and girls’ basketball team played in the tournament at Paint Rock last Thursday and Friday nights and lost by a small margin. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cruse and Joe of San Angelo were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Solsbery Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Adams of San Angelo were complemented with a nuptial shower at the Pear Valley Community Center Saturday night. Jeanie Simmons registered the guests. Refreshments of cake and punch were served. Hostesses for the occasion were Mmes. R.J. Deck, R.J. Turner, W.B. Watkins, J.F. Faulkner, Frank Deck, John Lohn, Leon Browning, Lester Thacker, John Slaughter and Tom Cruse of San Angelo. * * * Society Members of the Rochelle Study Club saw the film, “Freedom Highway,” Monday in the Memorial Community Center, with Mrs. Glen Morgan leader. The film, a Greyhound Lines presentation, was the story told by different people and the phases of life that American people have gone through to obtain this freedom along the way. Mrs. Lloyd Moseley conducted the business meeting. A report of the Christmas party was given by the social committee. Mrs. Jess Burk, civic chairman, reported the club would conduct the March of Dimes drive. The club voted to endorse Mrs. Richard Moseley as a candidate for trustee of the 6th district. The club elected the following officers presented by the nominating committee for the coming club year: President, Mrs. Billy Moseley; Vice president, Mrs. L.C. Underwood; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. C.W. Thompson; Parliamentarian, Mrs. Lloyd Moseley; Librarian, Mrs. Jess Burk; Reporter, Mrs. Lowell Smith; Federation Counselor, Mrs. Chester Penn; Chuck Wagon Chairman, Mrs. Wes Bratton. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Returns from Alabama Mrs. M.R. Willhelm has returned from Birmingham, Ala., where she spent the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with her son, Clyde and family. Clyde is employed by the Hayes Aircraft Corporation. She also visited with the J.R. Sanders family, former residents of Brady, in Morris, Ala. * * * Resumes classes at A&M Edward Lohn was able to resume his classes at Texas A&M College Monday after being absent a week while recuperating from a broken left leg. Edward suffered the injury at hunting camp with his family on Christmas Day. He had shot a deer and shortly thereafter accidentally fell out of a tree.

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