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Christmas for us included a room full of toys. As poor as we are, you’d think we were rich. Christmas gifts for kids, 100 years ago, or a little less was an apple, an orange, some of that curly sticky candy and maybe a game or two. I recall one Christmas I got four. I just knew we were rich. Happy New Year. Act like it’s your last and make it the best. Heck, it may be. Who knows’ We’ve been in Little Rock, Ark. Got iced in. Lost our power. Lotsa candles and slipping up and down hills. Provided many memories. I could bore you forever. About 30 of us stayed in a big, ole log cabin bed and breakfast. Lotsa big meals cooked, lotsa kids, at least one crying or hollering. One crippled black man, a tremendous fellow. I’ll write about him later. We all got a little cold, but we still survived. I believe women in Arkansas love me. Most all of ’em smile at me and if they get close enough, they’ll hug me or pat me or wave at me. One of ’em grabbed me and shook me. Most all of ’em, at least, grin at me. Almost all weather reporters in Arkansas are women. They’re real pretty. I bet they’ll be cute grannies, too. And giving us orders when we can brave the weather. I’ll be in more trouble. To unstop commodes, just keep pouring water in it. And getcha a coat hanger, straighten it out and poke it as far as it’ll go. Do that for two or three days. If the problem doesn’t clear up, call a plumber. My wife fussed at me about the hair growing on top of my ears. I asked her to trim it several times. She didn’t so I decided to tackle the problem myself. I tried to shave it off, but I nicked my ear instead. I bled all over the pillow case (she said). I got a whipping. My old friend, Murray Shaw, got hit by a car in a parking lot. It could happen to any of us. It was a kid. Fast driver. College kid. He needs a good butt whipping.

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